Ctrl + F feature no longer working when browsing music

Status: Not An Issue

You cant search in the playlist with ctrl f or cmd f. Should be fix ASAP

The Ctrl + F feature will return to the Desktop app in a later update. Keep an eye on this thread for updates:




Seriously, spotify, fix this. If you don't in the next month or so, I'm unsubscibing from premium.




YES, we need this one back.


Is there an estimated time of implementation on the fix for this removed functionality?  I aplogize for asking this because I know it's extremely difficult to gauge this, however the loss of this functionality makes Spotify use very cumbersome.  Thank you for all the new functionality.


I have over 4000 local songs...Impossible to navigate that now. Once again you add a lot of **bleep** and padding that nobody cares about and then REMOVE features that actually makes using Spotify a more fluid experience. You already removed the ability to ctrl+F on an artist's page for no apparent reason. Making you wade through countless of albums (in your stupid slow itunes-like browser system, that was also a great update on your part!). Seriously a program that was absolutely fine even in Beta is getting worse by the update for some reason, Also it now takes a few seconds for all my playlists to load, this used to be seamless. What do you even do with these updates?


Not happy about this. Please bring it back.


Ok, I know: "This will be coming back in a future update."

BUT still: please do this ASAP! It is a darn pain in the ass to use this piece of crapware now.




FURIOUS! Just canceled my membership.  Terrible user interface and user experiance even before this issue!



I always wanted more filters or a better organization for my "Songs" . Now they removed directly. I do not understand the decision. Make it optional or something, do not remove it...


the Find feature is essential in music player. WTH did the folks over at development think? Please bring it back ASAP!

thank you


How they dare release an update with this feature missing, WTF!