Ctrl + F feature no longer working when browsing music

Status: Not An Issue

You cant search in the playlist with ctrl f or cmd f. Should be fix ASAP

The Ctrl + F feature will return to the Desktop app in a later update. Keep an eye on this thread for updates:




It's not correct to  remove an useful tool for the searching in spotify. How do you pretend that I will search manually when I want  one song in more than 4000 songs?.


This will be coming back in a future update.


seriously, why can't you guys get it right. quit updating every 2 months, leave it as be, and for the love of common sense, stop removing usability features?! I'm shopping around for alternatives, this platform is more of hassle, and both the artits and the consumers are getting the short end of the stick here


@MattSuda wrote:

This will be coming back in a future update.

Got any sources on that? Cuzz removing the feature to begin with was stupid af


Can't wait for this function to come back. Super useful.


why the **bleep** was this removed? This is a huge step backward.


OK, what the hell is this. Missing CTRL/CMD + F, missing "Choose as current playlist" function, limited offline songs, no way of limiting the offline cache, complete removal of 3rd party app support, and that's probably just a handful of the issues with the new version.


Seriously, I have NO idea how this version of Spotify got released, I don't mean to sound too harsh, but it just boggles my mind how this broken down version passed beta/product testing. Many very important core features were removed, and so far there has been no official word from any Spotify representative as to if/when they are coming back. One step forwards, one hundred steps back?


Can we also bring back the feature where clicking on the album artwork displayed in the bottom left hand corner of a currently playing song brings you to that song's location in the playlist? This was incredibly helpful when locating a song's location in a very long playlist.




This is a known issue. It is being looked into, so hopefully it will be back in a future update.

That is ultimately what I'd like as well. I feel like it's all the same
functionality, or at least very similar.