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Daily Drive using wrong city

I am using Spotify Premium on iOS and have set my concert location to Minneapolis, however, in the daily drive playlist all of the content that shows up is for Chicago. How can I get this fixed?


note; the concert location of Minneapolis has been set for over a few months. 

Hey folks,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.

We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.

Thanks again!

When will someone from Spotify address our concerns?!
That’s what we would all like to know! So far NO response from Spotify. 😒

Hey so I'm seeing lots of people post that they have the same problem, but comparably few are hitting the "me too" or "like" buttons at the top of the thread. Those are what Spotify actually pays attention to, not your comments. Let's get them to pay attention by using the correct tools!


Good point. 


This is very unhelpful


I have the same problem--getting Dallas news in Chicago no VPN!


I read your reply and went to the links you provided, however, they seem to be outdated. The iOS guide for manual update is not the correct. Also, I have the same issue and the issue appear to be random. I was having the correct city in my Daily Drive and now it is stuck in Dallas. I have deleted my cache and tried various things none effect the city... The correct city is used when I use other news podcast but not the Daily Drive.


Version on Android 10, Pixel XL 4. Premium subscriber, USA, no VPN.

Same as pretty much everyone above — Your Daily Drive, since launch until recently, has been playing national and global NPR and BBC clips and has been a really great feature. As of mid-November, it now presents "Music and Bay Area News", which would be lovely except that I live in Seattle. No obvious option in my profile or settings to change city.


Totally the same problem.  I live in St. Louis and I am getting Chicago news podcasts playing that I have to skip every time because it is completely irrelevant news to my location.  Why isn't it playing local news podcasts to St. Louis like The Gateway?


I second what some are suggesting here and if this isn't going to be corrected any time soon that I would rather have it switched to national news that isn't city-specific.


This is not a solution at all.  It is a brush off.  Users continue to add to this thread because they continue to be frustrated.  Being asked to accept this as a solution is irritating. 


I truly miss listening to Daily Drive on my way home.  In a very short time it became part of my routine.  Now I usually end up listening to my local NPR station - at least it is relevant.  BTW, this is my 3rd post to this thread because it continues to frustrate me.