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Daily Mix Not Yet Showing

Status: Not An Issue

Hi, I know there are posts similar to this one and I've also commented on those. My Daily Mix is still not showing. I've been on my new account for 3 weeks now and I'm not on Private Session or Offline Mode etc. Can someone help?


Edit: In case this helps, I've been on Premium Family on my old account for several months and I've also resubscribed on this new account now.

Hey @Jeffrey014,


We've been in touch with our tech folks and it looks like Spotify just needs a little more time to get to know you. It may take a little more time for the playlists to generate, but not to worry, they'll be there eventually!

We really appreciate the patience. If there's anything else we can hel[p you with, feel free to get back in touch via a new thread.

All the best,



Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @Jeffrey014!


Thanks for reaching out to us.


Just to confirm, have you been listening to multiple musig genres and saving songs you like to your library? Your Daily Mixes are generated depending on your music taste. The more genres you listen to, and the more music you save to your library, will get you up to 6 Daily Mixes.


Also, do you exclusively listen to music from your Discover Weekly playlist?


Keep us posted.


Hello @Alfredo, thanks for the reply!


Initially my library from my older account was transferred so yes I have music saved in there and I'm listening to them actively for the past three weeks


I have also saved/added some music using this new account to my library and I've updated some of my playlists.


I've also been listening to my Discover Weekly and other areas on Spotify like radio etc.


Thanks for the info.


Keep in mind that listening to playlists like Discover Weekly won't help generate a Daily Mix since the tracks you listen to in that playlist don't count towards your suggestions.


We suggest you stream as much music as you can outside of Discover Weekly and Radio to see if the Daily Mix shows up on your account.


Give it a try and keep us posted.


Noted. Thank you. Alright. 


@Alfredo @SergioDavid, Hi guys. Just so it's clear. Does the Release Radar influence the Daily Mix Algorithm? Thanks. 


BTW I still don't have it. 4th week tomorrow. 


Hey @Jeffrey014, thanks for all the info you've sent.


Right now, only the Discover Weekly playlist is kept outside of the algorithm, everything else will influence your Daily Mixes.


Since the Daily Mixes are updated on Mondays only, let's wait until this coming monday to see if they pop up.


Keep us posted.


Hi @Alfredo. Cool that's some info. I also reinstalled my Spotify on Android to see if it'll help. Will see on Monday. 


Ate there any issues with rca tablets.


I am hav8ng same problem. Still waiting.  


Hi @adreanam3471, are you on a new account? How long have you been waiting?