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Daily Mix disappearing from Your Library

We've seen some reports that Daily Mix has completely disappeared from Your Library. 


We're looking into it!



Good new. The issue is fixed and you should all have your Daily Mix back!


If someone still has this issue. Please reinstall the app and if that does not help, please create a new topic.


Thanks 🙂


Used to have free mode, and I had 5 daily mixes(on my phone, and one endless on my desktop), each mix had a different genre of music.

Then I bought premium, and now I have only one endless mix, on both platforms - with only one genre.

I can find some of the previous daily mixes on the "recently played" section, but they are nowhere else to be found. 


Hey @RoyRose! Thanks for writing.


In this case, our best suggestion would be for you to reinstall the app on all your devices. Once that's done, type "Daily Mix" on the search bar and you'll find the Daily Mix application as a top result. Just click there and you'll be taken to the Spotify section where all your Daily Mixes are stored.


We hope this helps. Have an awesome day 🙂


Hey, thank you for replying.

I tried what you suggested, yet it's still the same. 

When searching, a "Daily Mix" genre appears, when I press it, Daily Mix 1 opens up.

Still can't seem to find the other mixes.

Still nothing? 


While i used the free version i had 6(!) Different daily mixes. After upgrading to premium i only have 1 daily mix available.

Where did all the daily mixes gone??

I tried looking it on the app and on the web player. Followed the instructions, and nothing...

Please advise




Hey there, @RoyRose


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


The feature analyzes your music listening history and creates 1-6 mixes depending on the amount and diversity of your listening. If they've still not appeared, we'd recommend continuing to listen and explore as much as possible.


Saving songs and making playlists should help too!


Let us know if this helps them to show and expand soon 🙂


All the best,



As I wrote in the topic, I did have those Daily Mixes.

I am using Spotify for a while now and I have a large amount of songs in my library.

I had 5-6 of them, each of them as a different genre, yet the second I upgraded to premium, they were all gone and I had just the one left.


This literally JUST happened, but my Daily Mixes aren't even an option in the sidebar on Windows desktop. I tried on my phone as the tab is still on there, but nothing loads when I select it to go to my Daily Mixes. I've noticed a few other people have had this problem with it randomly disappearing a couple weeks ago. Anyone have any ideas? I restarted Spotify a few times, so it's a glitch in their system, not my client. Anyone had this happen & fix itself able to give an estimate how long it might last?

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hi all,


We're aware of some recent reports that Daily Mix is disappearing for some people. 


Rest assured, our best tech folks are on the case as we speak. Hopefully we'll have a fix soon.


In the meantime, we'd like you all to try the following:


  • Trying logging out / logging in
  • Try restarting the device
  • Try a reinstall
  • Try using other devices to check if it's there
  • Try using a different WiFi connection
  • Try finding the Daily Mix application by searching for 'Daily Mix' in the search bar


Thanks! And if you’re having this issue, be sure to click +VOTE at the top of this thread.


Thanks for addressing this! I've been having this problem for weeks !

Basically the whole "Made for <name here>" part at "Home" section in IOS or at "Browse" in Windows Desktop , is completely gone.


I can find a "Daily Mix" when i search for it manually, but in IOS it just says "Daily Mix coming soon." (been like this for two weeks) while in Windows it says "Your daily mix not available offline" - even though i'm definitely online.


Don't know if it has to do with anything but it happened just when i started the premium trial.