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Daily Mix doesn't remove an artist

hello there, I've repeatedly pressed the "remove this artist from your mix" when listening to my daily mix, yet it never does. I always get the confirmation of "Your mix is now free of Gucci Mane." 


However, I keep noticing that his music still shows up in my mix. This has been going on for a little bit now, and it's not a super big deal, but it's still annoying to have to dislike his music every single time, and also that it just never gets rid of his music. a fix would be nice, for this is quite annoying

Hey folks, 


Thanks for bearing with us. We can confirm this is currently expected behaviour for Daily Mix. 


Selecting Don't play [artist name] should exclude the artist from your Mix, but it won't exclude releases which feature another artist.


For example, you could ask your Daily Mix to not play songs by Artist 1, but a release from Artist 1 ft. Artist 2 will still be eligible for your Mix. 


We hope this clears up any confusion! 

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @ItsJustKyle! Thanks for letting me know!

That's not cool! Could you let me know if this still happens after you log out and log back into the app? That might help. Also, about when did you remove Gucci Mane from your Daily Mix? Let me know! 🙂


Have an awesome day!

I logged out of the app, went to my daily mix and one of his songs was
there. I pressed the "don't play this artist again" button and I got the
confirmation saying that "Your mix is now free of Gucci Mane." I kept
scrolling through and yet again found another song. This has also happened
with different artists, like NAV and Travis Scott (I'm not a fan of
autotune, doesn't take skill to sing if you use it.) I'm not exactly sure
when I started to notice it, it probably slipped by the first couple times,
but now it's at the point where it's annoying. I wanna say somewhere around
August, September-ish.



What kind of artists do you usually listen to outside of your Daily Mix? If you're listening to related artists it's possible you might get a song that features the artist you don't want in the mix.


Let us know if that's not the case.

I listen to a whole variety. I've been listening to Steve Lacey, Big Sean,
and XXXTENTACION recently.

The big picture is that when I tell it to remove an artist completely from
the whole daily mix, it won't do it. I get a confirmation, yet the artists
music still shows up.

Thanks for getting back to us.


Does this issue only persist with Gucci Mane? Have you tried removing other artists to see if they reappear later on? if not, give it a go.


Be sure to keep us in the loop.


It has happened with other artists, one of the only other ones I can think of however are DJ Drama, Zaytoven, and YG.


Thanks for getting back in touch.


Does removing them from your Daily Mix from a different device help at all? If not, can you send over screenshots showing that you removed an artist from the mix? We'll also need a screenshot showing them still in the mix after you've removed them.


We'll take a closer look once you send this info over.


Removing it from a different device didn't help. As you can see in the first screenshot, I get a confirmation that YG is out of my mix, yet in the second screenshot, it is playing a YG song that showed up in my mix further down






Hey @ItsJustKyle!


Just to confirm, when did you started to notice this behaviour? The Daily Mix playlists re-shuffle every 8 hours when you don't use them, however, they only fully update on Mondays. We might need to wait until the playlist is updated  to verify if the artists are fully removed from it.


Keep us posted.


When I really started to notice this was somewhere around mid November-ish. so it's definitely been happening for a little bit