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Daily Mix doesn't remove an artist

hello there, I've repeatedly pressed the "remove this artist from your mix" when listening to my daily mix, yet it never does. I always get the confirmation of "Your mix is now free of Gucci Mane." 


However, I keep noticing that his music still shows up in my mix. This has been going on for a little bit now, and it's not a super big deal, but it's still annoying to have to dislike his music every single time, and also that it just never gets rid of his music. a fix would be nice, for this is quite annoying

Hey folks, 


Thanks for bearing with us. We can confirm this is currently expected behaviour for Daily Mix. 


Selecting Don't play [artist name] should exclude the artist from your Mix, but it won't exclude releases which feature another artist.


For example, you could ask your Daily Mix to not play songs by Artist 1, but a release from Artist 1 ft. Artist 2 will still be eligible for your Mix. 


We hope this clears up any confusion! 


Thanks for that info.


The playlist should update today. When it does, give it a quick listen to see if the artists you removed are still appearing.


We'll be right here waiting for that info.



 As you can see, in my Daily Mix, there is a YG song, after I have already removed the artist as you have seen in the previous screenshots. I also ran into a DJ Drama song as well.


Thanks for all the info you've sent so far.


Just to confirm, are you only finding songs that are collaborations with other artists? In this case, you might need to remove the collaboring artists as well to get rid of all their songs.


Keep us posted.

Yes, some and most of the songs are collaborations, but whenever I say
"Dont play this artist," it says "your mix is now free of (whoever the main
artist is)"

The way I am taking it is that Daily Mix is removing all songs that have to
do with this artist.



We've gathered all the info and sent a report about this to the right team.


As soon as we have an update, we'll post it here.


Stay tuned.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @ItsJustKyle


We're moving this thread to 'Under Investigation', as we've reported this to our best tech team now.

In the meantime, can you let us know if this only happens with 'Daily Mix 1'? Or, do you notice it in any of your other mixes if you have them?

Keep us in the loop 🙂





so update, 


I've noticed that I haven't ran into any of the artists after trying to remove them while listening to Spotify on my computer.


So I'm pretty sure that they are able to be removed via computer at least, but not through iOS. 


and it seems as if it was happening only to Daily Mix 1. 


 Thanks for the update, @ItsJustKyle!

We've passed it onto the team, who're continuing to look at this for you. We'll keep you posted.


I also get this Gucci Mane in my mixes. Someone took over my account. That is fixed now, but this artist is still there.


Hey @Gizbar


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community!

This sounds like a slightly different issue.

In this case, we'd recommend a reinstall.
If the issue persists, can you reach out in a new thread confirming exactly what's happening? 🙂

This way we'll be able to provide you better support.


Many thanks,