Daily Mix is missing from Spotify,.

Today the daily mixes are not showing up in the left sidebar. What happened?

Hey folks, thanks for reporting this!


Looks like Spotify had a small hiccup backstage, but things are looking much better now! If you're still not seeing Daily Mixes on your device, I recommend logging out and logging back into the app. If that didn't help, feel free to give me a shout! 🙂


Hope you're having an awesome day!


P.S.: Thanks for your help here @user-removed.


Yes. Vanished today on my Windows desktop app following an update, but still there on the webplayer which I rarely use. Nuisance.


I do wish Spotify would stop endlessly fiddling with things.


Same here. Came here looking for an answer, now I know atleast that I am not the only one.

Thanks for the tip with the Webplayer. I guess I will use the workaround of starting the mix in the Webplayer and than telling the desktop client that I actually want to listen there.



There's one other workaround: the Daily Mixes appear in your recently played list on the desktop app also, even though they dont appear on the left-hand menu, so you can start them from there.


You can find it if you search for "daily mix", it just doesnt show up in the sidebar any more. 


A search in the desktop app does not bring up my daily mixes for me. Only the recently played list shows them.


Edit: actually desktop app search does bring up a link and if I click on that link I get the old Daily Mixes page. For me it's easier to get to them from the Recently Played link on the left.


Same here, please bring them back!


Seeing the same thing here too!

And the search for "Daily Mix" in the desktop W10/UWP app did indeed give a link to the old Daily Mix overview page, so I'm quickly playing a couple songs from each to put them all in the Recently Played section for easier retrieval...


Hi there!

I am posting this in the Windows Desktop help, but it also seems to be related to my IOS since I am lacking those there aswell.


Ever since the latest update My Daily Mixes are gone. They are no longer found in the sidebar. This is the case for both Windows + IOS. If you specifically search for the Daily Mix u still find them, but the handy side bar is gone.


This seems to be the case for more people, as seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/spotify/comments/81an9j/anybody_else_missing_a_daily_mix/


They used to be found in my library in the sidebar, but ever since the latest update they have dissapeared.


Is this a bug in the recent update, or is it something you are slowly removing as a option? Im a bigtime fan of the Daily Mix and would hate to see it be removed. Is there anything that can be done to get it back in the Sidebar?


I was in touch with SpotifyCares on twitter, and they thanked for the heads up and their tech people are looking into it, so atleast they are made aware and are working on the issue! Ill keep updating here incase anything changes! =]


Search for "Daily Mix" and you get this: