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Daily Mixes Don't Refresh, Change, or Update

My Daily Mixes pretty much remain the same. They rarely update, playing the same songs ad nauseum. They are also not intuitive. The first daily mix is pretty accuarate, but I can only tolerate a small number of songs in the other mixes. 


I continue to like new songs, so it should be refreshing, adding more options. Why don't the Mixes refresh and add new songs? Why do they remain static? And why do I have the same series of mixes?


I should add that this occurs regardless of the platform, and whethere my system is up-to-date or not. This is a Spotify flaw. 







iPhone 6s, iPad mIN4, Mac desktop, and Windows Desktop

Operating System

iOS 12.1.4, iOS 12.1.1, Windows 10, and Mac High Sirra 10.13.2 (respectively).


Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us and for your continued patience.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.


Thanks again!


Just by way of an update for those on this thread, a solution offered by Spotify was to create a new account, I kid you not!


"We can't manually remove, or adjust your Spotify-curated playlists on our end, but we can help you reset your listening history. This is possible by creating a new account, and transferring your music to it. In this way, the algorithm for your account will only take your fresh history, and should be able to curate your Daily Mixes based on songs that you actually like."


So there is still no solution/fix to this issue? I'm really bored listening to the same songs over and over on my 1-6 daily mixes. It really do works better on f.e. Tidal, where I can find some fresh music


Any update on this? I'm new to Spotify and it would be nice to have these daily mixes. So far they sit there unused once I've listened to them. This is my usage profile:

- Premium Duo account.

- Desktop app, PC, Windows 10.

- Mobile app, Android.


Troubleshooting I've done:

- Cleared cache on mobile and desktop app.

- Logged out/in on mobile and desktop app.

- Reinstalled mobile app.


The issue remains. Seems like this has been a problem for many users since last year. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, I will keep an eye out here for updates.



So this issue was fixed a while back. I'm sorry for not updating this
thread. But it just fixed itself. So daily mixes work as they should now.

Strange, it seems like a couple of my daily mixes started updating a bit after posting in this thread. I'll keep an eye on them as I listen more in the app, maybe they will all slowly update as I listen more. So far I have 6 daily mixes. Not sure if those 6 are meant to continually change, or if it keeps coming up with new mixes (Daily Mix 7, 8, 9, etc.) Anyway, thanks for all the input here. I'll repost if I have anymore issues.


I'm absolutely incredulous that Spotify has had this Daily Mix not updating bug for 2 years and still hasn't resolved it. This is a main feature right in the center of the Home Page and it doesn't work for a sizable number of users apparently, including myself.

I've been a Spotify Premium user for four months now and my Daily Mixes have not changed once. I use Spotify almost every day and Like songs on a regular basis so it's not for lack of information on my tastes that the Daily Mixes don't change. I've tried all of the solutions mentioned above, short of making a new account, and nothing helps.

I tried contacting Customer Support: they suggested clearing the cache on my phone and reinstalling the apps. But this is clearly a server-side problem and the 45 minutes I spent with Customer Support was wasted time I'll never get back.

I am imploring Spotify: make your features work!



I've been using Spotify for over a year.

My daily mixes never changed (or maybe they did but with the same songs in a slightly different order).


I have the free version so it might have been fixed only for premium users.


2 quick thoughts:


1. There's a Spotify playlist with all the songs I've liked so I'm not sure it's necessary to put these songs in my daily mixes. Otherwise daily mixes will end up simply being my liked songs split in different categories.


2. A shame I can't dislike/remove songs from my daily mixes easily like in the discover weekly playlist. That'll probably help the algorithm recalculate.


I'm not complaining, after all for me it's kind of free (just an ad every 4/5 songs on average if I never skip).


Hi, is this an updated thread? My daily mixes have suddenly stopped refreshing on any device. I’ve tried all the fixes suggested. Surely this hasn’t been going on since 2019? Like my others the daily mixes are one of my favourite features so please advise what to do. 

To clarify, I have been using Spotify for years and the daily mixes have only just stopped updating, I haven’t changed anything on my account so this must be a Spotify issue. 



My Daily Mixes have not updated in months. I’ve tried everything that Spotify has suggested.  It’s insane that I am paying for a service that seems incapable and uninterested in actually providing a quality service.  

has anyone had better success with other services.  Apple Music, YouTube music, anything?


So Three years ago you said you would fix it.   Are you really trying to fix it?