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Daily Mixes gone from Made For You






Google Pixel 2/PC

Operating System

Android/(Arch Linux/Windows)


My Issue

Daily Mixes are nowhere to be found in any platform on the Made For You page, and I have no idea what happened to them. The only playlists in my Made For You section are:

  • On Repeat
  • Repeat Rewind
  • Discover Weekly
  • Release Radar
  • Your Summer Rewind
  • Your Top Songs 2018
  • Tastebreakers

The Daily Mixes used to be here as well but now they're suddenly gone on all devices. What happened?


Edit: I found a few in my Recently Played section, but they're still gone from the Made For You page.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


If you’re still experiencing this issue, make sure to perform a clean reinstall of the app.


Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂


Same here.


Some on Android and Windows (desktop program)


Search doent find them, but I can find one (of six) in Recently Played


The same is true for me, on both Windows and Android


I'm running the latest Spotify version on both Android 9 (One 1.1) with the latest security patch and a fully updated Windows 10 PC. Seeing as it's a problem on both, I suspect Spotify is at fault somewhere.


I'm also not able to find them in the search bar, but all of them pop up in my Recently Played.


The Daily Mixes are the feature I enjoy most, so I really hope this gets fixed


Seeing it on my iPhone app in recently played, but not under Made for You. Confirmed with an Android user they have the same problem, and they checked with three other users who also have the same problem. 



  • HP ENVY Laptop 13-ad1xx - Windows 10 version 1903, Spotify 1.116.522.0
  • Sony D6633 - Android 6.0.1, Spotify
  • Web player on desktop on normal and incognito mode

All available updates are installed, both Spotify and OS. 


I'm not able to find Daily Mixes, so I can't play them.

When I go to Made for You, every other playlist (Discover Weekly, Summer Rewind, On Repeat, etc.) is there, except for Daily Mixes. Yesterday I could access them there, but today (October 1st) they're nowhere to be found. 



Same Problem on:

-Windows 10 With the 1.116.522.0 version

-And Android:



Same, only place I can find them is recently played.


Android version & desktop Windows 7


They're also gone from the web-based player, meaning that this isn't a hardware-based issue.

I have also same problem in my device.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 

Android 8.0



Same issue - I can see them in my recently played, they don't appear with I search, nor in Made for Me.


Using :

Spotify macOS -

Spotify iPhone - Latest from App Store 




Same problem. 


Using Android version 9 on a Samsung Galaxy s8.

Spotify version

Daily mixes do not appear under "made for you" and If I search for daily mixes, I just get taken to the "made for you" page.