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Daily Mixes like and dislike buttons disappeared







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Windows 10


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Since somewhere last week, I can no longer give the Daily Mixes feedback by liking or disliking a song (or artist) the buttons are simply not there anymore. They are still available for Discover Weekly and Release Radar.


Problem exists both on windows 10 desktop app and on Android.

I tried to sign-out, sign-in on the desktop however it did not help

Hey folks,


We haven't heard from you in a while. Since one user has confirmed that this is now fixed for them, we will close out this thread.


If you're still experiencing this issue, make sure to create a new thread in the relevant help board and we'll make sure to help you out there.



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Hey there folks,


We can see a lot of users are still visiting this thread after it has been resolved as fixed.


We are aware of the discrepancies between the mobile and desktop app when it comes to the like/dislike buttons in Made For You playlists and can confirm that it's the current expected functionality. We know it can be improved and we've passed your feedback on to our developers.


Going forward, we'd like to refer you to the Idea Exchange in the Community for any further feedback you might have:

We've now closed this thread, but if there's anything else you need a hand with feel free to start a new topic in the relevant help board here.




Hey there @suchness01,

thanks for posting in the community !


Many features were modified and the UI had changed a bit latley.

These are the signs you're looking for (pic bellow):

1. "Heart" (Like) 

2. "No Entry Sign" (Don't Like) 

ללא שם.png


Let me know if you have any further questions 😃


I'm on the Mac desktop client and those buttons simply do not appear at all.


The hilighted song in my Daily Mix has my mouse over it in the first screenshot and as you can see no heart and 'stop' buttons appear.


In the second screenshot is the drop-down menu for that song, and as you can see, "remove from playlist" is unavailable, and there are no other tools for liking or disliking the song.


The "current playing song" controller at the bottom only provides an "add to playlist" button and the regular playback controls. No way to like or dislike a song.


I have searched every scrap of the UI for a way to provide feedback for my daily mixes, but they simply aren't there anymore.


And yes, I just recently restarted the Spotify app to ensure that I'm using the very latest version.


I have the same experience. Most of my daily mixes are unlistenable now since they keep replaying the same 5 terrible songs I can't stand. Daily Mix is one of the big reasons I like Spotify, since I love finding good new music-- so this is making me question my multi-year premium subscription for the first time. Basically if the next update hasn't brought back the ability to block out a song or artist, my subscription will be gone instead.


Hey there @WaylandSmith1,


I've just checked a mac with the latest version and the buttons appear.

I will check it again for you and will come up with an answer.


For your post @melliedm, you're addressing the fact you like listening new music.

The daily mix isn't for new music it is curated from your own listening history.


For new music or releases you should check the "Release Radar" or "Discover Weekly" features.


Let me know if you have any further questions 😃


Another Mac user checking in with no form of Like/Dislike on the daily mixes, they have also disappeared from the iOS app too.


Any idea on when these are returning?

Screenshot 2019-04-05 at 16.29.25.png

 No, you're wrong, Daily Mix plays like 50% music I already listen to and 50% things I haven't heard. I know that because there's artists I've never even *heard of* on my Daily Mix.


I USED to be able to mark those things I hadn't heard as like or dislike. Now, I cannot. So I keep having really shitty music playing in my Daily Mix, which defeats the entire purpose. I can't even go to the artist's page and say DON'T PLAY THIS there, I'm just stuck with my daily mix being forever broken with bad music. This was not a problem till the update... 


Like I said, been a subscriber for several years, but this is a make or break feature for me. If Daily Mix is useless, I'll be unsubscribing. We'll see if they add back the Dislike on Daily Mix and keep my subscription, or if they don't and I cancel and move onto some other service or back to just listening to podcasts and CDs.


I literally just updated the Spotify app and now there isn't any kind of dislike button in the Daily Mixes. The heart button is still there but the 'x' button is gone now, as you can see in my screenshot.Screenshot_2019-04-05-17-35-02.png



Well, I'm glad that it's working for you, but mine is still in the state that it shows in the screenshots I've uploaded. It seems like other people are not having the same experience as you are, so therefore I think this should be addressed by Spotify. I force-downloaded and installed the very latest version, which is


Just tried my Windows PC and no like or dislike buttons there too..


The silence is deafening... 


A fair few people have been having the issue in the the threads herehere, and here


So far no one from Spotify has offered a solution.. sorry