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Daily Wellness mixes not updating tracks

My Question or Issue

Ever since I started listening to the Daily Wellness mix in April, the songs barely have changed. I get a refresh on the podcasts every morning and evening, but 90% of the songs are the same day and night, just the order is changed. This means that a high energy song that could be suitable for the morning mix is also played in the evening mix, killing the relaxing mood of the podcasts. Moreover, I dislike 80% of the songs on my mix, I pretty much have to skip all the songs and just listen to the podcasts. More than half of the songs have been on my list since April, which is pretty terrible.

Is there a way to add more rotation on the songs?

I'm not sure if the song choice is curated or is automatic, but it definitely is very different from my musical taste.


Hey everyone,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.

We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app and all devices fully up-to-date.



I’ve given up on this playlist. It became clear to me awhile ago they have
no idea how to fix the playlist they created… it’s so ridiculous.

This has been an issue for quite a while now, and more frustrating is that played podcasts are added to the list day after day, it seems this may have to do with a podcast not updating.


For instance every day I have to skip the 70 over 70 podcast and it's always the final episode. I've noticed this with other podcasts that don't update. It would seem that a daily playlist should know not to include podcasts that don't update daily when they don't update. It should definitely ignore played episodes as well. Some podcasts are working fine because they update daily or more than daily, such as the slowdown, optimal living daily, and the twice daily wake up wind down. Similarly though, the daily quote podcast has not updated in quite some time and I get presented the latest episode, which is marked as played, quite a bit. Hope this helps, thank you.


This could also apply to the song selections somehow? 


When I first started using this over a year ago it was working perfectly.  At some point, the algorithm totally broke.  It recommends things that are not even close to what I listen to.  I tried contacting their support at one point and was told someone else was using my account and I had to reset my passwords.  This was not correct as the music was not in line with any other history.   I really wish they would fix this.  Dear Spotify- however it was upon launch was perfect.  Figure out what changed and undo it!!!!!



Despite repeated attempts to resolve this issue, including app reinstallation and cache clearing, I still encounter outdated podcast episodes from 2021 and 2022 that have ceased updating. Additionally, the music in my playlist has shifted predominantly to instrumental tracks, despite my diverse listening habits.

I have checked multiple times each year for updates or improvements, but unfortunately, the situation remains unchanged. I would appreciate any assistance in refreshing my playlist content to reflect my current interests and to include a more up-to-date and varied selection as I used to really enjoy my Daily Wellness playlist and listened to it morning and night.