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Daily mixes cannot be opened on Android


Premium (Family)


Samsung Galaxy 9

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Question or Issue : 

Hello Since 1 week I started losing my daily mixes, one by one, in total I have 5 mixes, and still seeing them on my profile, but when I try to open one of them I was getting an error message (Please see attached). Now all of them are not working, but this happens only on Android ! Tested on windows, tested on Mac, Tested on Linux, tested on iOS and each time it was working.

And more strange when I start a mix on another device than Android, I am able to continue listening to the mix on Android. I can only press next, previous, play/pause, but I can't access to the list. 


I tried to clean the cache, and to remove the app and install it again. But it didn't help ! 

Any idea how I can solve this ? 


Thank you ! 



Hey folks,


We are closing out this thread.


If you are still experiencing this issue, could you head over to this thread?

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Status: Closed
Spotify Legend

Hey @MohamedB and @BenGjerstad,


Just so we have all the info, what version of the Spotify app did you end up with after the last reinstall? If it's still 8.4.74, please reinstall and inform us the Spotify version. There should be a new version out, so try it out and see if the issue persists.


Keep us posted 🙂


@Jemi no the version that I have is : (the Latest version) and yes i did a reinstall many times. Each new update, since 1 month ago, I am doing that.


The daily mix appeared under the "Made For You" section this afternoon. Before, I did not have this section as an option. I think what prompted the appearance of the option is that I clicked on the "release radar" notification. I listen to that list this afternoon.

It still doesn't play when I do the search for the daily mix playlist. 

Now, I have 6 daily mixes in the "Made For You" section and they all play.




And now none of the 5 mixes is working on Android for me (I still can see them, but can't play them)


Hey @MohamedB,


Thanks for getting in touch and for providing your feedback.


Would you mind supplying the information which we've requested in the update at the top? We will then be in a position to pass it on to our tech folks 🙂



@MohamedB wrote:

Hello Peter, 


Thank you for your answer.


For me the problem can be reproduced using : 

Device & OS: Samsung S9, Android 8.0 

Spotify version Android: 


Clean &  reinstall : Yes many times. 



Thank you ! 



@MohamedB wrote:

@Jemi : (Let me resume it here to have the same template as tne others)


  • Your device and OS :
    • Samsung Galaxy S9 + Android 8.0
  • Your Spotify version :
    • (Android)
  • A screenshot of the error message  :
    • Attached at the end of my message
  • Is this happening while using other devices? : Yes
    • Pixel 2 + Android 9.0
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus + Android 8.0
  • How many Daily Mixes do you have, and how are inaccessible?
    • 5 In total : 4 are not working and 1 is working fine
  • How do you find your Daily Mixes:
    • From the main screen 
    • From Radio Screen (Open it from the bottom)
    • From "Your library" I select "Made for you"





@Peter I already did !

Spotify Legend

Hey @MohamedB,


We've released Spotify version 8.4.77 recently. Could you update your app and let us know if the issue still persists?


Looking forward to your reply.


Have a nice day.


Hi @Guido

Yes same problem with the new version.


Hey there @MohamedB


Thanks for bearing with us so far.


Just to confirm, does this issue still persist for you? We can also see that there's a new version available. We'd recommend performing a clean reinstall and letting us know what happens. 


We'll be keeping an eye out 🙂

Spotify Legend

Hey @MohamedB


As @Katerina mentioned, there's a new version available and we're wondering whether it solved it for you. Can you reinstall the app and let us know how it goes, and which version you end up with? 🙂


All the best!

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