Denon AVR-1000_Spotify freeze by loading playlist

Dear all,


Since two months we have a problem that Spotify freezes while loading from playlist.

On all other devices Spotify works as expect but in combination with this reciever arise

this issue. On Denon side, everything is done include a firmware update.

It looks like if it is a Spotify related problem.

Has somebody an idea to solve this issue?


Regards, Gert Timmer





We appreciate your reports about the app on your Denon device. Due to our inability to continue updating and maintaining the LibSpotify TV app, we had to take the unfortunate decision to remove the app from the some of our platforms. There’s more info available at


There are still plenty of ways to stream Spotify through your TV and other platforms! For more information, head to



Status: Won't Fix
Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @timm1564, welcome to the community!


Thanks for reaching out to us, we'll do our best to help you out.


To take a closer look at this issue, please send us your device's make and model, OS, and Spotify version numbers.


Also, are you connecting to your speaker via WiFi? Just to confirm, you've tried connecting other devices to the same speaker with the same results? In this case, which devices you've tested it with?


In the meantime, try reinstalling Spotify app and let us know if it helps.


Keep us on the loop.

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Hello Alfredo,


Sorry for my late reply, I was on a business trip.

This Denon AVR-X1000 is hardwired connected to a modem.

We use a Denon remote app on several Wireless devices to start Spotify on the Denon.

Those wireless devices (smartphones) are android, ios and windows based with all the same connection results qua playlists!

I couldn't find a Spotify version number at the AVR-X1000 but a Denon firmware was visible: firmware version 9500-8776-9114. The serial number from the Denon is 4056646224

I haven't any possibility to reinstall Spotify at this Denon receiver and can only log-in and log-out!


Kind regards.

Gert Timmer.


Thanks for the info @timm1564!


Does the same issue happen when you use Spotify Connect on your mobile devices with your Denon receiver? 


Keep us posted. 

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Hello JuanSebastian,

I have not any problem when I open Spotify on my mobile and use Denon in stream mode, as that is what you mention?
Only when I use/open Spotify directly at our Denon receiver.

Regards, timm1564

Got it, @timm1564!


Precisely, Spotify Connect lets you stream music to a receiver from your mobile phone or a desktop PC (instead of doing so from the receiver's app). Just to confirm, does this happen with all playlists you try to stream, or just a few? In case it's only happening with some, fire over the Spotify links for them so we can take a look on our end.


We'll keep an eye open for your reply :)

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Hello Julian,

This receiver is special bought for a direct connection with Spotify.(Spotify are integrated in this Denon receiver)

It has worked for two years without any problem.

With our Denon remote control could we select with help of our television screen a playlist or other menu what we want.

With a special Denon app on a smart phone have we similar functions as on Denon remote control.

In this mode (directly open Spotify on the Denon) have we problems to load the playlist menu. The Denon receiver freeze for 5 minutes and other options are no possible until the playlist menu being fully loaded.

When we use/open Spotify on a laptop or smartphone and use the Denon for streaming, than is there not any problem because we open the playlist at our smartphone or Laptop. Spotify works on all these devices so as be supposed to with the same account.

Regards, timm1564

Status changed to: Under investigation

Got it, @timm1564.


Thanks for all the information you've shared with us so far. This has been reported to our tech team, and they're looking into it. Also, we'll be moving this post to the "Under investigation" section. In the meantime, we suggest you use Spotify Connect to alleviate the situation while the team works on a fix.


Hope you have an amazing day!

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Many thanks in advance.

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Hi @timm1564,


We appreciate the info you've supplied so far. We'd just like to ask a few extra questions, if that's OK.


We'd like to know exactly what the error message / screen displays when the device is stuck 'loading' on the Playlists menu. Could we get a picture?


You mention that you updated the device in the original post 3 weeks ago. What was the rough date that you performed the update? Did this start happening exactly after the update? Is there another update which requires doing, now?



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