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[Desktop] Adding Large Number of Tracks breaks Your Music Synchronization

Thread731701733771 (Full report by @Rollo_ )
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Adding more than 542 tracks in one batch to Your Music breaks synchronisation. Any changes after such an action are not saved.


To reproduce:

  • Attempt to add a large number (542+) tracks to Your Music in one go. Once you trigger this bug, any changes you make to Your Music after will not be saved. 


Workaround (to import Starred playlist - provided by @Rollo_ 😞


I eventually found the number.  542 tracks will drag and generate Album and Artist entries.  543 did not generate, but DID generate after a restart.  Once, but not a second time.  Buggy indeed.

So, if you really want to get them all in, do this. 
Copy all of your Starred tracks into a new temporary playlist. 
To keep it easy to navigate, sort your Starred list fist, by title, for example, so you can remember where you left off. 
Open that new one and count the number of tracks on a full screen, and go down as many screens as it takes to get to around the 540 number. 
Drag them over, look at the number as you drag,
check to see that they've generated Album and Artist entries, and if they have, go back and delete those tracks from the temp playlist. 
Repeat as required.


Additional information:

This bug is pretty annoying, it is worth continually checking your content is being saved when importing lots of content into Your Music by looking at the Album/Artist entries or restarting. 


2014-04-26: Reported on 769585 this bug also effects removing tracks from Your Music. 


If you are having this issue, can you please post:

  1. Your Operating System (Windows/Mac)
  2. Your full Spotify version (Help/Spotify > About)
  3. Any other details that may be useful.




2014-04-26: Additional details added. 


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Is this being fixed? It's a crazy annoying bug.


Nearly had a heart attack when Your Music didn't save my changes of adding about 3,000 extra tracks and I'd deleted the playlists - thankfully realised you could recover them. I've since had to delete the Your Music content and try logging out/in several times before it would save the changes to actually empty everything out, so I can add music back in small batches. Hopefully that's the end of it as this was no fun at all (and I'm usually happy to spend hours organising playlists)...


1. Mac

2. Version

3. I'm a pony.


Annoying issue, I sidestepped it by just dragging a small amount of songs at a time. Shame I didn't find this thread before I spent 20 minutes doing so.


1. Windows 7, Android and Mac
3. I added about 16k songs at once when Your Music first arrived, but it just crashed the client. Now I can't save any more song  at all, after having added approximately 10k songs. This feature is completely useless if it doesn't work properly, I was really excited for it but as always it doesn't work


Made a forum account just to post.

I'm a premium user and i have ~12k songs.

I want them all in one place (like the Library you killed)

As well as this issue, i can't save any albums - when i click save it quickly reverts to "save" again, and individual songs untick themselves.


1. Windows



Is this getting revised any time soon? I have lots and lots of stuff that I'd starred on Spotify and also local tracks. It was fantastic having them all in one place and I don't have the time to move this huge quantity manually.



  1. osx 10.6
  2. full Spotify version

at work i tried to add about 10k tracks from starred to my songs. they seemed to all go in there, but the checks never appeared on the corresponding albums' songs when browsing spotify. i didnt notice at first and continued my normal usage. i checked some songs i liked as the day went. 


when i got off work and went to mobile i then noticed that only tracks i had checked manually were in my music. the big 10k drag was missing. missing as well on my home desktop. 


so back here at work i restarted spotify and sure enough the big 10k drag of files was removed from my music. 


this bug is SUPER scary. i was telling a friend about what i was experiencing and she was like "yea **bleep** spotify then" 😄

i couldn't blame her. you don't mess with people's music collections.

  1. Windows Vista
  2. Version
  3. I added a large quantity of music and it stopped adding to My Music. I restarted the program and it didn't fix. I tried adding them individually and it would show as saved but when I closed the program and restarted they did not save. When I looked at My Music in my android app and it never showed any of the new music as saved in My Music. I can still add to my playlists and they show up in both the Desktop program and my mobile app.

Finally reported as a bug. Thanks. This is truly a mess.


For the desktop client (both Mac and PC):

1. Fix Your Music so that you can add or remove (neither remove does work) songs to it in big and small batches (542 or less does not fully work, it's always lost somewhere on the road to perdition).

2. Fix the 10 000 song limit for Your Music.

3. Fix the lack of immediate and permanent visual confirmation of if a song is added to Your Music – everywhere, and not just in playlists.

4. Fix the difficulty of quickly finding/getting visual confirmation of a checked song in relation to the plus – both being in the same colour (none, white on black, with painful contrast)

5. Fix the Your Music sync between devices.

6. Fix the offline sync of Your Music.

7. Make it possible to share/subscribe to Songs in Your Music - since you've killed Starred (and yes, hiding it is killing it).

8. Etc.


For iOS:

1. Fix/make it possible to search/filter Your Music in iOS app.


1. Windows Vista



I can get my songs?