[Desktop] Adding Large Number of Tracks breaks Your Music Synchronization

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Adding more than 542 tracks in one batch to Your Music breaks synchronisation. Any changes after such an action are not saved.


To reproduce:

  • Attempt to add a large number (542+) tracks to Your Music in one go. Once you trigger this bug, any changes you make to Your Music after will not be saved. 


Workaround (to import Starred playlist - provided by @Rollo_ 😞


I eventually found the number.  542 tracks will drag and generate Album and Artist entries.  543 did not generate, but DID generate after a restart.  Once, but not a second time.  Buggy indeed.

So, if you really want to get them all in, do this. 
Copy all of your Starred tracks into a new temporary playlist. 
To keep it easy to navigate, sort your Starred list fist, by title, for example, so you can remember where you left off. 
Open that new one and count the number of tracks on a full screen, and go down as many screens as it takes to get to around the 540 number. 
Drag them over, look at the number as you drag,
check to see that they've generated Album and Artist entries, and if they have, go back and delete those tracks from the temp playlist. 
Repeat as required.


Additional information:

This bug is pretty annoying, it is worth continually checking your content is being saved when importing lots of content into Your Music by looking at the Album/Artist entries or restarting. 


2014-04-26: Reported on 769585 this bug also effects removing tracks from Your Music. 


If you are having this issue, can you please post:

  1. Your Operating System (Windows/Mac)
  2. Your full Spotify version (Help/Spotify > About)
  3. Any other details that may be useful.




2014-04-26: Additional details added. 


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1) Win7x64


3) Ever since starred songs died, the "Your Music" section on the PC client has been unreliable for me, forgetting almost everything I've ever added to it.


This happens to me too, no matter what device I'm on.

Spotify just won't accept adding to Your library.

Guess there's a song limit or something, but please fix this!

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1. Windows 8.1

2. Version


Still seems like a problem today,  even with the latest couple of desktop versions.


Literally all I want to do is have a playlist that "replicates" as many of my Local Files playlist as possible.  I'm starting with 40K+ tracks locally, and I know Spotify doesn't have all of them, but let's just say they have two-thirds (from eyeballing it, I'd guess that's about right).  So I'd expect to drag over the 40K tracks and end up with a playlist of 26K songs that I could then use as something to shuffle from when I'm mobile

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@Snorfle - Sounds like you are hitting the Your Music limit rather than this bug (which is now fixed). Your Music in Spotify has a maximum track limit of 10,000 tracks I'm afraid.
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@Peter wrote:
@Snorfle - Sounds like you are hitting the Your Music limit rather than this bug (which is now fixed). Your Music in Spotify has a maximum track limit of 10,000 tracks I'm afraid.

Ouch, that's dissapointing.  Honestly I think I'm hitting both...


I'm trying to add the Spotify "versions" of local files to a playlist I called "Complete Library" in order to act as a workaround, and I get the bug where groups of more than a few hundred songs won't append to the playlist.


Is there also a limit to how large a playlist can be?  If not, I could almost achieve the same goal...

(EDIT: Reading over this thread, it sounds like - yes there is a 10K limit for playlists as well but maybe folders might solve this problem...I'll investigate.  Still interested in the question below, though not sure anyone but Spotify themselves would know.)


Also, is changing the limit on My Library something that is planned to ever change, possibly for Premium users?

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A change in the 10K Your Music song limit seems unlikely at in the immediate future. The biggest problem they need to get their heads around is probably how to implement a meaningful increase without bringing all the mobile devices to a grinding halt while the tracks populate Your Music.I suspect that having the number of tracks you're talking about in playlists will have a detrimental effect on the performance of any mobile device you use too - be interesting to hear how it goes 🙂

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Your Operating System (Windows/Mac): Iphone 5S/ Macbook pro 2011
Your full Spotify version (Help/Spotify > About)  Version
Any other details that may be useful. 


I just went into my spotify app on my Iphone, and when I went into my saved music, all of it was gone, except for one song. 


 Hey @klassy89 is this an issue for you? Could you please confirm which version of the desktop app you have installed? Thanks!



1. Mac (OS X Yosemite 10.10.1)

2. Version

3. I think I am having this problem. I recently added a bunch of songs to My Music & deleted the playlists they were in and now they've disappeared from my music on my desktop app. If I log-in to spotify online I can still see the songs. How do I get them back on my desktop?? It took a long time to add them 😕

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