[Desktop] Almost All Text Missing (0.9.8)

Status: Fixed


In the redesigned client (v0.9.8), multiple reports of almost all text being missing. 


Desktop v0.9.8 is currently rolling out, if you don't have it yet it will make it out to you sometime in the future.


To reproduce:

  • Open Spotify v0.9.8 on some systems.
  • The majority of the text in the client will appear to be missing, but the client still operates normally. 



  • Try altering your Windows Color Depth between True Color (16 bit) and True Color (32 bit). (Instructions on how to do so are here).
  • If you have an nVidia hybrid/optimus graphics system (reported by @octodur ), make sure the Intel Integrated graphics processor is set as the system default in the nVidia Control Panel. Screenshot and extra details here.
  • Until this issue is resolved, you can also use the web player.


Additional information:

Sample screenshot (kindly provided by @fattpacman 😞

blank text



If you are having this issue, can you please post (where possible):

  1. Your Operating System (eg. Windows 7/8, Mac OS X 10.9 etc)
  2. Your current Spotify version (Help/Spotify > About > Click to copy version)
  3. On Windows, your set Color Depth (Instructions on how to find out)
  4. If you are using a hybrid/optimus graphics card system
  5. Which (if any) of the workarounds above work for you






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Status: Fixed

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Problem machine:

Windows 7, nvidia Geforce GT 540M (not a hybrid), using True Color 32-bit, Spotify

Workaround: Downgrade color depth to High Color 16-bit


No workaround needed for:

Windows 8.1, Intel HD Graphics 4000 (not a hybrid), using True Color 32-bit, Spotify

MAcbook Air 2010, Maverics, I think these are hybrid, Spotify

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I've found another workaround that may work for some of you- especially if you have an nvidia card with a laptop and primarily use an external monitor.  It's kludgy but it doesn't compromise color depth.  With the screen set to true color 32-bit, open spotify, note the lack of viewable text, then switch to another screen.  It will appear fine with all text readable once the screen switches.  Then close spotify from that same screen and open it again, and it's back to lost text.  Then switch back to the original screen, and you should now have fully readable text without compromising the color depth.


My use:  I use an external monitor and I almost never use the laptop screen while it's "docked".  I have spotify pinned and always open.  So when I want to restart spotify, I open the lid of my laptop, close spotify and open spotify again from the laptop screen, then close the lid, and when the monitor refreshes, spotify is as it should be.


And this may be useful to the software testers or devs- this is like an on-off switch.  If the text is ok on my monitor, it will be corrupted when I switch to the laptop screen.  If it's corrupted on my monitor, it will look fine when it switches to the laptop screen.  The same can be said when starting from the laptop screen- ok there, not ok switching to monitor, and corrupted there, looking fine switching to the monitor.


Hello Peter!


Just posting here to keep tabs on the topic. I've encountered this issue in Windows 7, too, and already am vigorously working at all I can to make the text appear! I desperately want to enjoy this dark theme! So savory. 


Free guinea pigs for Spotify, eh? 😉

We deserve a prize for this!


In the meantime, time for a nap... Zzz





oh... edit before snooze,


robzim737 wrote:

Problem machine:

Windows 7, nvidia Geforce GT 540M (not a hybrid), using True Color 32-bit, Spotify

Workaround: Downgrade color depth to High Color 16-bit


@robzim737 Your posted method to downgrade to 16-bit, it works around the issue for me, confirmed. But I'm switching back to my usual 32-bit, for the night.


Woohooo!!! The text shows up on my Spotify program on Windows 7!!!


I updated from to !!


Thanks!! 🙂


And it looks *sooo* elegant and lovely and easy on my eyes. Rock on, Spotify! headbang.gif



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Works for me also!  And I agree, it looks fantastic.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Set this bug to fixed.


Hi, just updated spotify tonight and had the same problem as everyone else.


Using windows 7, 64 bit. Have fiddled around with both colour depth and using different graphics cards in system, still nothing working. Version is


Any help would be appreciated!




None of the work arounds that were provided have worked for me. Is spotify going to fix this problem or am I going to have to try to work with a blank screen? ( in which case i'll just delete spotify all together)

Casual Listener

Not only do I have text missing, but whole content is gone. The screen is just black, although I can blind-click. So the content is there, it's just invisible...

I have this with:

- the "discover"start screen (black but you can click, there is content)
- apps like Pitchfork and Rolling stone (also content there, it's clickable but all you see is black emptiness...
- an overview page of an artist

- the top bar in a playlist

- Search results, which is the most annoying!


This makes the desktop app virtually impossible to use. What happenend?! I've had no problems before.

I'm running Windows 7, 64 bit, and have an AMD Radeon HD 8750M




Screenshot 2014-04-11 21.31.35.png


Screenshot 2014-04-11 21.34.12.png

Casual Listener

Hello, spotify updated itself today to the version, and I´m having same issue, many of my songs are blak.. I can click on the, but i´m unable to read the characters. I have found this happening specially to songs that have foreign characters like japanese. They used to show perfeclty before the update. I have an old machine running windows XP but never had issues with spotify before.


I hope it can be fixed soon.