[Desktop] Almost All Text Missing (0.9.8)

Status: Fixed


In the redesigned client (v0.9.8), multiple reports of almost all text being missing. 


Desktop v0.9.8 is currently rolling out, if you don't have it yet it will make it out to you sometime in the future.


To reproduce:

  • Open Spotify v0.9.8 on some systems.
  • The majority of the text in the client will appear to be missing, but the client still operates normally. 



  • Try altering your Windows Color Depth between True Color (16 bit) and True Color (32 bit). (Instructions on how to do so are here).
  • If you have an nVidia hybrid/optimus graphics system (reported by @octodur ), make sure the Intel Integrated graphics processor is set as the system default in the nVidia Control Panel. Screenshot and extra details here.
  • Until this issue is resolved, you can also use the web player.


Additional information:

Sample screenshot (kindly provided by @fattpacman 😞

blank text



If you are having this issue, can you please post (where possible):

  1. Your Operating System (eg. Windows 7/8, Mac OS X 10.9 etc)
  2. Your current Spotify version (Help/Spotify > About > Click to copy version)
  3. On Windows, your set Color Depth (Instructions on how to find out)
  4. If you are using a hybrid/optimus graphics card system
  5. Which (if any) of the workarounds above work for you






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Status: Fixed

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spotify bug.PNG



I have a different but similar bug (im not intirely sure where to put it...) but the side bar isnt drawing and it is leaving that section of the window transparent.


I am using windows 7 Enterprise service pack 1 with an intel i7 - 3740  QM CPU with 8 gigs of ram.  

Not sure what else to put.  I think it occured after waking the computer from sleep.


Edit: i should probably mention that it was only temparary and quiting and reopening fixed the problem, but its still a but that I felt needed reported.

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Ive tried doing that fix that Peter posted in the link before, it didnt worked :C still no solution?

I've been having the problem with no font being on my spotify for about a month now. No help has been given other than the start up link which is NOT the problem I am having. If a solution does not come up soon I will delete spoitfy and make sure I reccomend to people that they do not download it.

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I'm about to do the same. I'm a paying member so I think I'm going to cancel the service soon. 

Casual Listener

It appears that Spotify updated, any changes yet? 

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I just updated about 10 minutes ago and I still have the problem. 

It's ridiculous that this has been going on for so long without any real help. Not sure if spotify doesn't care about the people having this problem or if they have no idea how to help. Either way, my I'm getting fed up with it.
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I got it to work again! (See previous post) I had other issues on my laptop and decided to manually update the drivers of my graphics card. After installing a different set of drivers spotify worked fine again, all content visible! So my guess is this isn't about settings or system settings at all, but a graphic card driver compatibily issue. I'd say try it! But do it manually, because I let Windows automatically update the driver before, and that's what started the trouble in the first place.

To confirm it was the driver I again let Windows update the driver. And whaddayaknow, content invisible again! So once again I manually installed the other driver I downloaded before to fix it, and after this Spotify indeed showed all content again. So I was able to recreate the problem and fix it again, so to me this confirms it is a driver compatibility issue, at least on my laptop.
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i tried the short cut (%APPDATA%\Spotify\spotify.exe --disable-accelerated-layers --disable-accelerated-fixed-root-background) trick, that didn't work. i tried switching to 16bit color, but that didn't work. everything else works on my PC, so i am unsure why i would have to do anything. all this was working just fine before the update, and now i can't look for new music cause i can't see any text. how can this issue be "fixed" as indicated? what is the fix, if it is not a temporary work around?


  1. Windows 7
  2. 9.10.14
  3. 32bit
  4. ATI Radeon HD 4550
  5. none
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This issue was fixed in v0.9.8 but appears to have cropped up again. I'm trying to see if I can get anymore details.

It is worth making sure your graphic card drivers are up to date too.