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[Desktop][Artist page] Clicking left-side album artwork won't return you to currently playing track

Status: Fixed

Thread: 328988

Status: Unresolved


  • Find an artist page that has a lot of albums (for example: Steve Aoki)
  • Scroll down, off the first page and start playing a track
  • Scroll back up, so the currently playing track isn't shown on screen anymore
  • Click the album artwork on the bottom left
  • Expected:
    Main section to jump to the currently playing track
  • Actual:
    Nothing happens

Additional information

Version 0.8.5: Works as expected

Version 0.8.8+: Broken



2013-03-28: Bug added




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Hey folks! This feature is now back with the 1.0.5 Desktop update. Thanks for your patience while we worked on this for you all. 


Also mentioned in this idea here.

Status changed to: Fixed

@Peter__ @Marco are either of you still able to reproduce this or is it working for you now? 


Yes, it's still broken.


It's returning to the artist page, but not to the exact position of the track that is playing.

It used to be like that in version 0.8.5, but since 0.8.8+ it just goes back to the position in artist page that you were on last.



Click on an artist page - scroll down to the last album - play a song from that album - scroll back up in the artist page

Click for example on Browse in the sidebar - click the "now playing" album art in the bottom left.


What should happen: Get redirected to the bottom of the artist page where you clicked the song

What actually happens: You get to the top of the artist page, because that's the last position you scrolled to.




Okay thank you very much @Marco ! 


Unless I'm missing something, the newest edition removed some very basic functonality that I kind of depend on.


1)  If I'm listening to a playlist, and I decide to delete the track from the list, I don't know how to do it.  Once upon a time you could just click on the artwork, you'd go to the song and then delete.  Or, you could control-F and search for it (which is slower, but still works.)  But as it is, unless I'm missing something neither of these work at all.  And if you need to delete track #1349 out of 2000, you'll either need to scroll through the entire list, or give up.  This is kind of a big deal.


2)  Let's say I'm just routinely listening to a playlist and I like the song I'm listening to, and want it to be in a different playlist.  There's no way to do it without scrolling through the entire list.  I can't click on the artwork and move it anymore.  


The inability to click on the artwork to pull up the song is a small thing, but it cripples my ability to manipulate my playlists.  I'm going to hope that this gets solved in the next week or two.  Spotify, for the moment, has gone from the greatest thing in the world that I can actually say has changed my life (exposure to tons of new music, assembling the best mixed playlist of all time, etc) to something that barely works and is actively irritating.  


I can't imagine this won't be fixed; it's just too important and too basic not to.


This was working on my mac just before the newest version and now it is not.  


If I've posted in the wrong forum/manner I apologize.


This needs a fix!


Whoa!  Who broke this!?    I CANNOT FUNCTION withtout the shortcut.  What dedicated Spotify user has playlists so short you can quickly find your playing track!??  Not me...  Clicking the artwork now takes me to the playlist but that is it, and now I have to scroll through thousands of tracks while playing on shuffle so it could be anywhere!     




Desktop app for Mac:


I really really hope this is a simple bug and not an intentional design change, I've grown so dependant on this. Needs fixing post-haste.


I agree entirely with sansterre, that's exactly what I used the feature for and I feel very worried now that it's gone.