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[Desktop] Bring Back AUTOPLAY for DESKTOP

I don't understand why but this feature has been removed from Spotify Desktop apps!

I really like that feature and always use it, desktop or mobile. But now it has been removed!

Hey folks,


Thanks for bearing with us 🙂


Autoplay should be back in the newest version of the desktop app. If you're having troubles seeing it on your app's Settings, make sure to perform a clean reinstall of the app on your device.




Autoplay was fab for finding new music.  Please bring it back.


I'm with all of the other people on this - autoplay is one of the biggest reasons why I use Spotify in the first place. Please bring it back 😞


I can't use Spotify without autoplay. It's helped me discover so many songs and such for while I work.


One more vote to re-enable autoplay on the desktop.  I actually made a playlist expressly for autoplay.  Was disappointed to find it removed.


dear brain trust at Spotify, i pay for a premium subscription and have enjoyed the Autoplay feature when i am working around the house. nothing pisses me off more than having to stop what i am doing to play more music. yes, i know about the radio function, and i do use it, but i prefer to use Autoplay. i like to start with a particular band/album, listen to the whole thing, and then enjoy the choices that come up with Autoplay. why would you remove a function that can easily be turned on and off. if anything, you should be adding new and improved functions, especially for your paying premium customers. you do realize that you are not the only music streaming source and that others still have this type of function right? whomever made the decision to remove the Autoplay function should have the stupid slapped out of them.


It's sad to see another feature gone.  I also used it frequently. Please bring it back!


There was a setting to turn it off why would you remove it intirely?


okay just bring it back please


Please bring auto play back! I used it as my primary way to find new music and artists. It's one of you best features and should continue to be in your software.


@__spo__ - please bring back autoplay on desktop - this is probably the best feature for people who listen to music for long periods of time. What is the reason this was removed?