[Desktop] Bring Back AUTOPLAY for DESKTOP

I don't understand why but this feature has been removed from Spotify Desktop apps!

I really like that feature and always use it, desktop or mobile. But now it has been removed!

Hey all!


We've moved this Idea to the Ongoing Issues.


The Autoplay feature has been removed from the desktop app for internal investigation. It will be re-enabled in a few weeks. We can't say when exactly however.


As a work-around, click on the three dots next to an artist, song or playlist and select the playlist radio feature.


We appreciate your feedback so feel free to hit the vote button in case you haven't :)


Have a great day!

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Status changed to: New Idea

Marked as a new idea :)


This is absurd! Bring it back!!


@Loxer Is marking an existing, appreciated, but disabled feature a "new idea" the only way to request it back?


Autoplay was the reason I sub'd to premium, found so much great music that way. If it's not back in a couple days guess I'll just unsub and move it back to Pandora. Nice attempt to bolster listener numbers to radio channels, but removing features to achieve that is pretty lame.


Please bring autoplay back to desktop, even if you have it turned off by default (because some people don't like it for some reason). It helps me discover new music and also makes it so that I don't have to constantly switch over from studying to find a new song to queue when I've run out of ideas.

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@misscricket I don't have the permission to mark it something else for now :)


Yeah, I also used autoplay regularly. Come on, this is absolutely outrageous that it's gone now. Bring it back!


I also use autoplay regularly. It is one of the best options with Spotify. Why has it gone???  For a feature that can be optionally turned off it seems ridiculous.  So please bring it back.


Bring back autoplay for desktop!!!!!

Casual Listener

Please bring autoplay back to desktop!! I use it all the time, and it's the primary way I discover new music. I can't fathom why it was removed.