[Desktop] Bring Back AUTOPLAY for DESKTOP

Status: Fixed

I don't understand why but this feature has been removed from Spotify Desktop apps!

I really like that feature and always use it, desktop or mobile. But now it has been removed!

Hey folks,


Thanks for bearing with us 🙂


Autoplay should be back in the newest version of the desktop app. If you're having troubles seeing it on your app's Settings, make sure to perform a clean reinstall of the app on your device.




Ok, thanks @MusicMaster1. But I am sure that I got the functionality back a week ago and when today I discovered it had disappeared again, I got a little bit angry. So, hoping than when my client gets updated again it will reappear.


Gone again from the OS X version.  Thanks Spotify.  Not like you knew everyone was upset about the removal of this and you do it yet again.  I can only assume you have some kind performance issues in the background but its terrible customer service to keep removing features with no warning and no explanation as to why the feature is gone.  Two strikes.  I'm very close to swapping to Apple Music.  GET IT SORTED!!


Looks like it's been removed again. Are you F... kidding me Spotify?? Stop trolling your paying users!! Jeez! Can't wait for my paid-for-in-advance year to finish


Autoplay is back on the desktop!  Hoooo-ray!


YES! It's back. I'm enjoying it right now. Although I can't see the option in Settings. But as long as it's back... 😄


The setting is at the bottom of the non-advanced Settings. Scroll down!



I followed your step but it still didn't appear on my Mac :(. What can I do next?


Nosense asking us to reinstall it, since I installed yesterday.  This feature was intentionaly removed. Annoying this!



so... it's stopped working for me again yesterday! I have the option turned on. Does anybody also have similar problem?


Yes, the Autoplay feature is not working again. As of 2019-03-07. However, when I uninstalled and re-installed Spotify, it worked again! The installed version is