[Desktop] Bring Back AUTOPLAY for DESKTOP

I don't understand why but this feature has been removed from Spotify Desktop apps!

I really like that feature and always use it, desktop or mobile. But now it has been removed!

Hey folks,


Thanks for bearing with us 🙂


Autoplay should be back in the newest version of the desktop app. If you're having troubles seeing it on your app's Settings, make sure to perform a clean reinstall of the app on your device.




please bring back the autoplay feature so i dont have to look at my laptop to play the next songs and it really helped me to add new songs in my playlist


bring it back stop being idiots and listen to your users

go to spotify cares and load them up with this demand.

Why did you even remove that?


Bring it back pls !!!


Please bring this back. This is what I enjoy most about Spotify!


Please bring this feature back. Just discovered it was removed this morning. It was so useful for discovering new music, and also was great for playing an album then not having to pick new music once it was over. 


It's one of the reasons I have Premium. I miss this feature very much!!  Why has it been removed? And "Help" still shows how to activate it! 


Im distraught!!! Without autoplay its so much more difficult to find new music! PLEASE bring it back!! It's one of the best features. Is there a reason at least why it was removed? 


Please bring back Autoplay! That feature is The Reason why I subscribed to subscribed to Spotify Premium and not some other service! It gets me through the work day and is how I discover new music.