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[Desktop][Browse] turn off digster ad autoplay



I am paying for a Premium account to not have an advertisements in Spotify. But when I hit Browse button, there is a huge DIGSTER banner with embeded video thats always starts to autoplay. Even when I have my music playing.


How could You even think about advert like that?


Please, remove the video or atleast prohibid it from autoplaying.

Hey guys! 


We're marking this as Not an Issue as ads are different than the banner you mention. Keep in mind that if you want to hide it, it must be done per device.


We'll make sure your feedback is passed on to the relevant folks.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help you out with.


Hey Spotify,


not even that we PAY to have no ad and some other features. Your FU#!?NG Ad also does not even apply the Sound Volume, which caused my ears basicly to explode.


So please remove the AD from our version. And perhabs next time apply the current set sound Volume.



Spotify, this is NOT okay.


Why does it play when I have my music playing? Why is it auto-run, not optional? Why in the world does this apply to premium users?


So much this, I am not paying for premium account to have my ears blasted with AUTOPLAY AD.


As for Digster? I'll make sure to avoid it like a plague from now on...


This is horrible. Autoplay on maximum volume. I can not it even stop it (it plays even when I click "hide announcements")!


Please get it away.


Ok, I just almost lost my hearing thanks to this. I put my headphones on and started the computer. All other sounds had normal volume, but when Spotify started at windows startup, it automaticky started to play the advert and almost blasted my head with the max volume.


This is a really horrible idea.

Not only am I paying to NOT see ads, but this particular one autoplays at maximum loudness at EACH page reload.

I cannot even browse music categories without getting repeatedly bombarded with this...


Remove this completely, please.

You´re not the only music streaming service available anymore and your competition doesn´t pull this **bleep**.



Anyone knows how to disable it? Or is it not possible? Had two incidents today with ad on active speakers maxing volume. This is no go and spoils premium experience.


The ad disapeared today. Maybe it is fixed?


The ad is still there for me. With all the competing services around, this ris eally making me reconsider my relationship with Spotify.


Yes, there is a new ad with the same behavior for me too.