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[Desktop][Browse] turn off digster ad autoplay



I am paying for a Premium account to not have an advertisements in Spotify. But when I hit Browse button, there is a huge DIGSTER banner with embeded video thats always starts to autoplay. Even when I have my music playing.


How could You even think about advert like that?


Please, remove the video or atleast prohibid it from autoplaying.

Hey guys! 


We're marking this as Not an Issue as ads are different than the banner you mention. Keep in mind that if you want to hide it, it must be done per device.


We'll make sure your feedback is passed on to the relevant folks.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help you out with.


 Hey, I just found something. I don't know if it's because of that, but it seems to have disappeared.
Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Display Options, and there switch off "Show announcements about new releases"Képkivágás.PNG


But I'm interested in new releases, I just don't want random autplaying videos blasting at full volume.


This thing is incredibly annoying, it turns on every time I open the desktop app. If you want premium users to cancel their subscription, just go on. We have plenty of music streamers to choose from...


So basically if we don't want any ads we should pay and turn them off manually. Great!


I agree, this video ads for premium members with loud auto playing sound is very annoying.. 😞


These kind of ads are the reason I use adblock. And this ad is the worst kind of it. Autoplays EVERY SINGLE TIME the browse page is refreshed. Not only that, but the volume is insane. I don't have premium, and I don't care about the standard ads witch are playing during music playback.

If possible, make these ads at most 30 sec long.

If you don't want to limit the length (but even if you do), play the ad only ONCE per session. Only start the ad if the window isn't minimized AND is in foreground. I don't know what programming language you use, but even in javascript is it possible to program the features mentioned.

But the most important is to guarantee the volume of the ad to not louder than the music is wich played!


This has become an issue for me all of a sudden today. I am really frustrated because it has happened three times today at work. The music is SO LOUD that my co-workers across the room can hear it loud and clear. Also, I am wearing headphones and they are really hurting my ears where I have to yank them off suddenly. 


This is clearly an issue. I am also a paying member and am very upset about this. 


Please help!! 


I just did what bazoly89 recommended above so hopefully that works. The annoying Digster playlist seems to have disappeared. Thank you, @bazoly89 ! 




Please remove, it is very disturbing and i pay premium to AVOID these annoying ads. I dont care about digsters playlist i come to spotify to listen to my music and discover them on MY ACCOUNT! 


It is pointless to complain. They dont give a f*** about it. It is almost half year and only thing they did is mark it as "not an issue".