[Desktop][Browse] turn off digster ad autoplay



I am paying for a Premium account to not have an advertisements in Spotify. But when I hit Browse button, there is a huge DIGSTER banner with embeded video thats always starts to autoplay. Even when I have my music playing.


How could You even think about advert like that?


Please, remove the video or atleast prohibid it from autoplaying.

Hey guys! 


We're marking this as Not an Issue as ads are different than the banner you mention. Keep in mind that if you want to hide it, it must be done per device.


We'll make sure your feedback is passed on to the relevant folks.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help you out with.


Thanks Bazoly89! It works!


I have a Premium account and was playing some music today when suddenly a Sams Club spot played in the middle of the song. Supposedly, I am paying not to listen to this kind of things. Why is this happening?