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[Desktop] Can no longer jump to a song by using the keyboard

Status: Won't Fix

For example, if I typed "Kill" in my selected playlist (not using the filter) it would jump to "Kill This Love" but now nothing happens when I type and am forced to use the filter. It was working an hour ago but all of a sudden it's stopped working. 


In the meantime, there is a sort-of fix if you're using Windows 10: open the Apps & Features via Windows Search, find Spotify, open Advanced Options, and use the Reset feature. You'll have to log back in and re-do any preferences you have in the menu, AND it only works until the next time you close & re-open Spotify (so every time your computer restarts you have to do this all over again). I'm not sure if this will continue to work after future updates, however.

A deliberate choice? Why?


They won't say "why", just that they removed the feature that allows people to navigate using the keyboard and that they can't guarantee it will ever come back unless enough people specifically on the boards complain, and they set 100 as an arbitrary, **bleep** near unreachable number.

Honestly ready to just switch to Apple Music. Trying to recreate my playlists would be horrible, but so is this "update".


Windows 10 Pro

Spotify v




PC: Windows 10 Pro.


Downgraded to Spotify ver. and everything works perfectly again. Going to stay here until they issue a fix. If no fix is coming...guess I'll give that Apple Music free trial a spin.


This was literally the most useful feature on PC. FIX IT PLEASE 


Same problem for me. The feature of typing/searching directly in the playlist disappeared about a week ago. It greatly reduces the UX for me. 


PC desktop, Windows 10

Spotify version


Bane, how do you do that? Would like to do the same, but Spotify customer service told me it's impossible. Figures they would lie.


Also, a reminder to everyone affected to click on the "vote" button near the top right of this thread. They won't do a thing to change this unless that number hits 100.