[Desktop] Can no longer jump to a song by using the keyboard

Status: Won't Fix

For example, if I typed "Kill" in my selected playlist (not using the filter) it would jump to "Kill This Love" but now nothing happens when I type and am forced to use the filter. It was working an hour ago but all of a sudden it's stopped working. 


Given that this wasn't a problem before, and it is now, why are we still paying full price for a less than fully-functional service? How does this multi-billion dollar company not have a bug fix team?


Please fix, it can't be THAT hard


Almost a year later and this very basic feature that was working for many years is still not working and youre telling us what? That we can basically just fck off and live with it, is that what youre telling us?


With all those "improvements" (like i can also not listen to a whole filtered selection, it just jumps to a random song after the first one) im not sure why im still paying you dumb fcks, maybe i should just downgrade to basic or stop using your inceasingly less usable software altogether...


Honestly... it can't be complicated to bring back a basic feature which is available in each UI-based file browser I know. This jump to "feature" is obviously a thing that has been removed intentionally. It worked perfectly well in early Spotify Desktop Apps for Windows and macOS but does not anymore since I think two years - or even longer.


The only thing a lot of users want to do (and can expect to be working in my opinion) is to sort a playlist by "Artist" or "Album" or "Song" and hit letter "X" on the keyboard to jump to the first Artist / Album / Song starting with letter "X".


Okay, this makes it a little more awkward to track the interest of the users compared to reading out the filter engine (CMD-F). I think the feature has been removed based on a decision of the product management and will not come back, unfortunately. 😥


Now that the desktop app has been renewed, is there any hope this problem is resolved? I would love to have this handy feature back...


With the new UI it's even worse - the update killed the functionality of the PgUp / PgDown keys (tested on macOS only) to scroll through the playlist which has been what I used after the jump to: /letter/ feature has been removed..