[Desktop] Can't drag tracks from Artist page to playlist

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As reported by Premify in the private forum area:


Version: (desktop)

Platform(s): Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X.

You can't drag a song directly to a playlist if you are in artist view.


To reproduce:

Open Spotify - go to some artist page - you can drag a song to a playlist.

After you play a song and click on another artist you can no longer do that.

A black not-available sign will appear on the playlist name when you drag a song there.


Additional information:

- Fixed in



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Confirmed on Windows 7 and 8. 

This bug does not appear to effect album pages or search results for me.



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Can't believe the new version got released without anyone noticing this..


Version: (desktop)

Platform: Windows 7 64 bit


I also can't drag tracks from the albums of an artist or from the top tracks anymore since the latest update. I can do it with one track and then it stops working. If I restart Spotify I can do it with one track again and after that it isn't possible anymore. The problem doesn't occur when I do a search and try to add tracks from the search results.


yep this absolutely sux!! please fix spotify!

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There is a solution that works for some tracks--if there's an image next to a track (as with the top tracks) or an album-like organization for a single song (as with some singles) dragging the image (for either the song or single song "album") will move that individual song to a playlist. You can't drag more than one song at a time (if, for example, you wanted to move four of the top tracks by an artist to a playlist) or tracks within an album of songs (such as one remix of a song or one track from an album) without going to the specific page of that album or dragging the entire album into the playlist and individually removing the unwanted songs from it. Right clicking and using "add to", while a somewhat less intuitive option than clicking and dragging, does still seem to work for both individual tracks and multiple highlighted tracks. (All of this is from Windows 7 testing).


This issue is occuring for me on Windows XP.

My version is

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My Spotify just got "updated" to, and I too have this issue.


I cannot drag songs from the artist page into a playlist or into the "play queue".


I also noticed something else!  When you try to drag a song, you get the "no" cursor when hovering over the play queue.  When you try to drag the album name to the queue, it's lets you, but nothing happens!


This new Spotify "update" just keeps getting worse and worse.


I'm using Vista and got the same problem after updating.


I really don't understand this constant need for forced updates nowadays. Seems like every darn media that's somehow social needs to update themselves just for the sake of updating - updating that doesn't seem to serve any real purpose. Often they just change or adjust the layout which basically just confuses people until they get used to it. I preferred the old layout anyways - the new one looks more plastic-y with uglier colors.

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When is the "fix" beng released? Are Premium subscribers going to be reinbursed for this mess up?

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@mcbeardsley wrote:

When is the "fix" beng released? Are Premium subscribers going to be reinbursed for this mess up?

Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂

I would imagine (hopefully) that this will be fixed in the next release, but only time will tell! 

Currently, a work around is to right click on the track and select "Add To".


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