[Desktop] Clicking on album art highlights wrong song in sorted playlists






PC (Windows/MacBook Pro mid-2012)

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Windows 10 Enterprise, macOS Mojave 10.4.4


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I have noticed a little issue regarding playlists. Until the last version, if you were playing a playlist and you clicked on the cover art of the album, you would come back to that playlist and this song would be highlighted with a blue square. However, since the last update, if you have previously sorted the playlist in any order, the highlighted song is the one located in the position that the currently played song occupies in the natural order.


Here is an example. I've created a small playlist with this 10 songs:

Imagen 1.png

Now, we select one of them and we play it: Heavy In Your Arms, by Florence + The Machine, which is the 7th song in natural order:

Imagen 2.png

While playing, we sort the playlist by song title in ascendent order. With this new order, the selected song becomes the 4th one:

Imagen 3.png

Finally, we click on the cover art. Then, we can observe that the highlighted song is not the currently played (which still appears in green color), but Many Of Horror by Biffy Clyro (in this order, the 7th one, the same position as Heavy In Your Arms in natural order):

Imagen 4.png


In small playlists there is not much problem, but I have a 6,200+ playlist in which I like having the most recent songs on top, since they are the ones I play most often and now it is a mess to come back and find the currently played song. Please, may you take a look to this issue?


Thank you in advance, greetings,

Hi there,


We really appreciate you letting us know about this.


Rest assured that the right folks are aware of this.


While we're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app. You can find out how to do so here. Thanks again!

Gig Goer (Windows Store version) - another update, yet this issue persists.


In reference to the poster above: my 3,000+ song playlist contains no "unavailable" tracks at all and still jumps to the wrong spot when album art is clicked.


There seems to be several similar issues on this thread. What we are trying to get fixed is one specific issue which started with v1.1.???

We are not talking about:

1. small descrepancies in the position highlighted due to unplayable songs, or recent additions/deletions since starting the playlist. This issue has existed for years and I think can only be a minor irritation for most.

2. going to the wrong position when you resort a playlist once it has started playing. This also has existed for years and is a bit annoying. But the trick is to sort the playlist the way you want it before starting to play.

3. issues when you switch device. e.g. start playing on the computer, switch to phone and back. This can be resolved by double-clicking on the playlist name in the list to re-initialise/restart it.


What we are talking about is where the desktop app goes to the position it thinks the track should be in the playlist based on default sort sequence (or you might say, where no sort option has been selected) rather than the correct position.

I have reverted a couple of times to where the function works correctly (as long as playlist is sorted before starting to play).  Twice I have been automatically updated to the latest version. In both cases the function continued to work correctly for a few days and then went wrong again. I'm not sure whether this was becasue another update came out and broke the fix??

Currently using which has been working OK for a couple of days. Too early to say it is "fixed".


@marcusblock thanks for the summary, makes sense. I'm using the same version as you ( and it doesn't work for me at all, still broken.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hi there,


Thanks for getting back in touch! We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we really appreciate you letting us know about this. We're always working to make Spotify a better experience. We'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.

EDIT: We're marking this as the solution for the sake of visibility.

Casual Listener

Thanks for answering, but can this really be called a solution?


I agree, it isn't really a solution. It is more of a statement saying "It's on our list and we'll get to it when we get to it."


Do you have the unavailable tracks set to be visible in the display options? 


With "Show unavailable songs in playlist" not even the fall back works anymore. 



Please fix it, it's super frustrating that this is something that has worked completely fine for a long time and now it's been tampered with for no reason, and now you guys aren't really caring to fix it.


Reminder that this is still broken after todays update.