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[Desktop] Clicking on album art highlights wrong song in sorted playlists

Status: Not Right Now






PC (Windows/MacBook Pro mid-2012)

Operating System

Windows 10 Enterprise, macOS Mojave 10.4.4


My Question or Issue



I have noticed a little issue regarding playlists. Until the last version, if you were playing a playlist and you clicked on the cover art of the album, you would come back to that playlist and this song would be highlighted with a blue square. However, since the last update, if you have previously sorted the playlist in any order, the highlighted song is the one located in the position that the currently played song occupies in the natural order.


Here is an example. I've created a small playlist with this 10 songs:

Imagen 1.png

Now, we select one of them and we play it: Heavy In Your Arms, by Florence + The Machine, which is the 7th song in natural order:

Imagen 2.png

While playing, we sort the playlist by song title in ascendent order. With this new order, the selected song becomes the 4th one:

Imagen 3.png

Finally, we click on the cover art. Then, we can observe that the highlighted song is not the currently played (which still appears in green color), but Many Of Horror by Biffy Clyro (in this order, the 7th one, the same position as Heavy In Your Arms in natural order):

Imagen 4.png


In small playlists there is not much problem, but I have a 6,200+ playlist in which I like having the most recent songs on top, since they are the ones I play most often and now it is a mess to come back and find the currently played song. Please, may you take a look to this issue?


Thank you in advance, greetings,

Hi there,


We really appreciate you letting us know about this.


Rest assured that the right folks are aware of this.


While we're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app. You can find out how to do so here. Thanks again!


Update Apr 13th, 2021

Currently, this appears to be an issue on the new desktop look as well. We're looking into this in a separate Ongoing Issue thread.

If you're currently on the new desktop look, we'd suggest checking out that newer thread for more info. Thanks!










Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Spotify has a feature that when a song is currently playing from a playlist you can click the album art area and it will open the playlist and highlight the song. However, this feature doesn't always work. I have not been able to figure out when it works and when it does not. I have attached a video showing it working incorreclty. You can see in the video that I'm actually playing music on my phone and not the desktop however, this does not affect whether this feature works or not. Event if I'm playing on the desktop sometimes this same issue crops up. 


Has anyone else experienced this?




Normally clicking the album art will take me to the current song playing in my playlist (regardless of how I've sorted the playlist). Now everytime I click the album art it will take me to the song in the place of where the current song is as if I don't have sorting on.
i.e. I have my playlist sorted so that all newly added songs appear on the top. If I've added a new song to my playlist it will appear on the top but if I click the album art it will take me to the song at the very bottom of the playlist, where the newly added song would be if I have sorting disabled.
I also cannot go to a song in the playlist by typing anymore and am forced to use the filter (Ctrl+F) which then only plays the filtered songs.
This only happens to a handful of my playlists (approx. 5 out of 15).

I've tried asking Spotify support but they couldn't help me so hopefully someone here has had the same issue and managed to fix it.

EDIT: This happens on both my PC (Windows 10) as well as my laptop (Windows 7) so I don't believe it has anything to do with hardware. 
Also I've tried fresh reinstalling Spotify which fixes the issue until I close Spotify. Opening Spotify again causes the issue to come back.
When making a duplicate of the playlist, the issue goes away, but I don't want to have to resort to doing that as I want to be able to keep the follower count. 








Dell PC

Operating System

Windows 7 Pro service pack 1

Spotify ver.


My Question or Issue

When listening to a playlist, clicking on the album art in the lower left corner brings me to a random, incorrect track.


Deleted and redownloaded client app. Problem solved.


The delete and redownload only corrected the problem temporarily. After using the Spotify app on my iphone 8, the problem returned.


After clicking on the artwork for the band Tuvaband, I was directed hereAfter clicking on the artwork for the band Tuvaband, I was directed here




I have the same issue - would appreciate this getting looked into soon. The latest update also seemed to mess with how things are sorted alphabetically and factoring in "A" and "The" so everything is really out of order now


Yes I have been searching (in vain) for an answer to this. I do a lot of editing/filing from a master playlist, and when this function works it's great. Why does it work sometimes and other times not? And why some playlists work and others don't?


Glad to hear it's not just me. I haven't noticed it working or not working on only specific playlists, it seems for me that when it's working it works on all playlists but then when it's not working, it doesn't work on any of them.


It's just random enough that I'm never quite paying attention to exactly what I'm doing when it happens. Though I suspsect it has something to do with leaving the desktop app running, moving to other devices and then coming back to the desktop app later.


Hey I think I figured it out. If you sort by date, oldest first, then it works! Click on the calendar icon, with the green arrow pointing down. This seems to be Spotify's default setting when you add songs to a playlist.


Hmm, I feel like I've definitely had it happen when sorted that way as that's the default that I always use myself


This also happens to me. I've made a thread about it in the past but no replies.

Includes more details to the issue.


I didn't see this thread and I created another one yesterday regarding the same issue: