[Desktop] Connecting Behind Proxy Causes Crash



Connecting via a proxy causes a network deadlock to crash the client in desktop version 0.9.7.x.


To reproduce:

  1. Attempt to launch Spotify whilst connected to the internet via a proxy.


None (although see additional information). For the time being use the web player (if available - may not work behind a proxy either!) if you are unable to use a connection not via a proxy.


Additional information:

This appears to effect both Windows and Mac. 

Update: Reports show this only appears to be effecting SOCKS5 proxies, if you have another proxy available such as HTTPS it should still work.


There are some additional work arounds posted below (thanks guys!). Bear in mind Spotify DO NOT recommend downloading/installing Spotify from any other sources apart from spotify.com or official App Stores.


If you are having either of these issues please can you post below:

  1. Your Spotify version number (Help/Spotify > About & Click to copy to clipboard or via your system control panel).
  2. Your Operating System.
  3. What type of proxy you are connecting through.
  4. If your feeling technical, if you could pastebin the console logs from the client and post the link to the paste here that may help the guys track down the issue.



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Music Fan

I get this issue with which as of typing i believe is the latest version?



OS: Windows 7 64bit

Proxy:  SOCKS5 proxy


Spotify loads fine, but crashes shortly after it connects. If you try to click anything the window moves up and to the left slightly and hangs, eventually whitescreening and forced to close by windows.   This is 100% repeatable. 


However, yesterday using the same version it would load, and would play 3-4 songs before crashing in the same way. Today though it crashes almost immediately. 


Using the web player isn't a valid work around as it does not seem to work behind the proxy I am afraid. 

Music Fan

I have no idea if my crashing is due to a proxy issue.


However, it is consistantly crashing after I right click on a track/album and move it to a created playlist.


Hardware specs:


MacBook Pro

v 10.9.1

2.8 GHz

16 GB memory


Using Spotify:




Is there anyway to get a credit for the last month where the service hasn't worked?