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Using broadband (i.e. not mobile data) many users seem to be receiving error 114 when trying to use Spotify and they're unable to use it. Spotify remains in offline mode

Additional information

Some users have had luck by changing their Spotify password.


Nonetheless, we continue our investigation and hope to have this resolved very soon.




Update 2013-01-27:

We're currently looking into why some users may be experiencing 114 errors at the moment. Usually this just represents a temporary connection error, but I'll let you know what we turn up. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


Update 2013-01-28:

We experimented with this over the weekend but seemingly to no avail - We'll investigate further. Sorry to hear that some of you are still experiencing this message - Generally these numbers relate to connections to the access point. If you can, try switching network (Wi-Fi to 3G on a mobile, for example) and seeing if you can stream.


Update 2013-01-29:

We have a theory but we need to ask a few questions first. If you're experiencing this problem please reply to this thread by answering all three of the following questions:

  1. Which internet service provider are you using?
  2. Are you using any firewalls? If so, which ones (i.e. Norton)?
  3. Are you using any Anti-virus software? If so, which ones?

Update 2013-01-30:

Thanks for hanging in there since yesterday's update everyone. And thanks for the reports which have been a huge help. At this time, we can't be 100% certain of the source of the problem but regardless we've escalated to our teams. We'll get back to you shortly with an update.

1. I use Time Warner cable.
2. Only firewall I use is the included one with Windows 8. Spotify is allowed access through, and I never had problems until a few weeks ago. Nothing has changed on my end.
3. I also use McAfee virus scan, but it does not contain a firewall that I use. Also, I've had this software installed for quite some time, never had an issue until a few weeks ago.

It's good to see this issue escalated. As for me:


I'm on Windows 7


12gb ram

Time Warner Cable

Wired 30mb/s down and 10 mb/s up.

Norton 360(with permissions and exceptions given to Spotify)


Issue seems to be that when I boot up the client, it just fails to connect. I'll get error 114 which will then attempt to reconnect over and over and over again. Occasionally it will give me a "failed to sync playlist" but then cycle back to the standard 114 error and repeat the cycle. A fresh reinstall did not fix it. Essentially, I have to leave the client on and let it do its thing for about 30-45 mins. before it'll finally connect to Spotify/Peer/Magic servers. Once it finally is connected, I'll get very poor performance in that songs will play for about 30 secs. or so and then pause(buffer?) for about 30 secs. I essentially have to pick 1 song i'd like to listen to, push play, pause the song and let it download for about 10 mins. and then I can hear it.


I hope that helps your technicians!


Seems to want to pause a lot, gets worse in evening around 7-8pm completely stops. Started last week with error 114 all weekend, Monday and part of Tuesday worked ok then got worse last two days. 

running Vista on desktop

internet: Brighthouse/Roadrunner Lightning

firewall and anti-virus : VIPRE


have reinstalled, shutdown firewall, etc. no change. other stuff streams fine normally ( like youtube).

hope this gets resolved, Spotify rules- when it works.


Thanks Per for starting this thread - I will post my info tomorrow - have friends over right now.




I'm premium, and I'm always offline on my ubuntu, my macbook, and my logitech radio, since 2 weeks.

I have a premium account, and all seems ok on the spotify web page.


1. Time Warner (Roadrunner)

2. Windows (7) Firewall.

3. Spyware Doctor.


I have Spotify in my allowed programs on 2 and 3. I had this problem first start with this update: http://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Desktop-Linux-Mac-and/Horrible-update-0-8-8/td-p/265098 . Went away after another update about a month ago. Came back again during the latest update I received today ( Restarted/clean reinstalled/double checked my exemptions list, etc. Nothing has changed today except for the new Spotify update and the connection issues that came with it. I just tried the password change and all it did was briefly switch the error number from 114 to 102 (though it returned to the 114 error after five minutes.) Premium account, if that makes any difference.


I am having this problem for the first time in months. I recently updated to Premium but this has happened once before on just free Spotify. I have checked all internet connection and it is definitely not that. And I doubt it is a firewall since I was using it fine yesterday and have not added any program since. I might also add that none of the songs I added to my playlists yesterday are no longer there (even on my offline playlist).


  1. Which internet service provider are you using?

I am in Australia using TPG


  1. Are you using any firewalls? If so, which ones (i.e. Norton)?

I have windows 7 and it has its own firewall. Other than this I do not use a firewall


  1. Are you using any Anti-virus software? If so, which ones?

I use AVG Anti-Virus free edition & Malwarebytes Anti-Malware



Hope you solve this issue soon - its the one thing that bugs me about Spotify 

Sorry if this looks like the wrong thread but I'm having the same problem as originally mentioned here:


....and that post linked on to this main thread.

I'm finding that I often get exceptionally poor response times from Spotify and timeouts. These only seem to occur at late evening GMT, prob between 8pm and midnight.

I've tested on Android, IOS, and Windows at the same time - same issue.
I have also tested using my 3G and ADSL connection - same issue.

I notice no other issues with my internet connection at these times. For comparison I streamed Youtube videos and saw no problems.

Although I use Windows firewall and Sophos AV on the laptop I have neither AV or firewall running on the other two devices so I suspect this is not the issue.

Over to you Spotify....

A community member has posted an interesting solution to Error 114 over in this post which might be worth a shot if you are having this issue. 




I too am having this problem on my home PC. It occurs between 730 - 11ish every day.


I am in the United States, I have Time Warner Cable, I use the Windows 7 firewall, and I have AVG Free as my anti-virus.