[Desktop] Filter Bar Issues on Playlists

Status: Fixed

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Status: Resolved


Under certain conditions, it is not possible to search using the filter bar in Playlists or close the filter bar.


To reproduce:

Open Spotify

Bring up the filter bar on a playlist (Ctrl/Cmd+f)

Navigate to the Play Queue.

Navigate to a playlist, open the filter bar, there will be no text entry box and it is not possible to close the filter bar by pressing Escape.



Restart the Spotify client for normal behaviour to return.


Additional information:

- This is confirmed by LiamW on (see video in original post)

- I am not able to reproduce on my system using

- Reproduced on





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This also occurs after whenever you have used/visited a Spotify app.


Other notes: 

This still occurs on v0.9.0 (I can reproduce)


Workaround (as posted by AndyT😞

Navigating to the "Local Files" tab and then back to your playlist will return the filter bar. 




This is also happening on artists pages... I'm unable to filter songs. Anybody?


@garcia_mercado wrote:

This is also happening on artists pages... I'm unable to filter songs. Anybody?

That is not a bug, it was just not implemented when Spotify moved to the new pages. It should be coming back soon, have a read at this ideas topic


Interestingly, this bug (filter on playlists) appears to be fixed in v0.9.0.128 for me so far! 



Thanks for the info Peter.

It looks like the last desktop app update has fixed this.


Within my Starred playlist, or any playlist if I filter the playlist with an artist and play a song, my play queue has duplicates of the same set of just a couple songs back to back (See picture).


Spotify Ver:


OS Ver: Windows 7 Professional Ver 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)


To duplicate: Select a playlist, (I usually use my "Starred" playlist), Filter the playlist with a single artist, Shuffle On, Repeat Off, Check Play Queue.


Play Queue.jpg

Play Queue (as you can see, Medicate off the Saturate album comes up 4 times in the first 10 songs)


Filtered Tracks.jpg

Songs that are Filtered in my Starred playlist (108 unique tracks/ no duplicates as this is a Starred playlist)


more filtered tracks.jpg

more filtered tracks 2.jpg

more filtered tracks 3.jpg

Full list of tracks in the Filtered playlist



Status changed to: Fixed

Filtering doesn't seem to work for me at all in windows 7, spotify version  . I press ctrl f, but no bar appears. Has Spotify decided to remove the function, or is it a bug?


Same question as Chris651249, is they filter bar just gone? I can't understand why they would do that, now the only way to find a specific song is to scroll down. Even pressing the first letter of the song title doesn't do anything. Can we fix this????