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[Desktop] High Quality Streaming Option Not Reset on Account Change

Status: Closed




The High Quality Streaming option is not displayed correctly upon changing from a premium to free/unlimited account in the Desktop client. 


To reproduce:

  • Log in as a Premium account, ensure High Quality Streaming is selected in Preferences > Playback.
  • Log out.
  • Log in using a Free account.
  • Navigate to Preferences > Playback. The High Quality Streaming option will be ticked, unticking the box will allow the action and also give you a "Premium Feature" warning. Once unticked you can not reselect the box.





Additional information:

[Meredith edit] This is a graphical bug. The stream is not being played at High Quality no free accounts. When we have an update on this cosmetic fix we'll let you know. Thanks! 


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I've also noticed this when my premium expired, I WONT uncheck it either.. lol.

Peter wrote:


Additional information:

It is not yet know if this is a graphical bug or if the stream is actually being played at High Quality on the free account. 


Hey guys, we can confirm users aren't getting the High Quality streaming if they are on the free account. When we have more updates on this on the graphical side we'll let you know here. 


Hey guys--thanks for reporting this. 


We can confirm this is just a cosmetic issue--free users aren't able to receive High Quality Streaming. 


The right teams have been made aware of this but we don't have a timeline for when this will be fixed. When we have more we'll let you know here. Thanks folks!



Status changed to: Closed
Status changed to: Closed

Hey everyone, we don't have an update for fix at this time. Again this is purely a cosmetic issue--free users aren't able to receive High Quality Streaming. 

Please continue to report any other issues here in the Help - Desktop board.

Status changed to: Closed

It's May and I still have this issue after switching from premium to free, using Android 5 on the Xiaomi mi4i, occurs on wifi and mobile data no matter how strong the connection is and mainly occurs when I use another app other than Spotify or get a message. Not a ram issue as I can see I have about a GB of ram before and after the crash. Please help because I love Spotify and its getting to the point I can't even listen to half a song before it stops.. -Edit- I realise this is on the wrong thread by accident will move it..