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[Desktop] Liked Songs not playing in the right order






When I go to my liked songs playlist and sort it by title, it does not play in this order. Not only that it does not even have the songs that play on the playlist. The songs say they are liked, but they are not included in the playlist. Why is this? I want to go through all the songs I have liked because I have had spotify for 4-5 years now and want to clean up my library. This issue is making it very hard.

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate reporting this and providing us all this info.


We've passed this all to our developers who are investigating this. 


As a heads up, we’re not able to confirm if or when your specific request will be resolved.


However, we'd recommend keeping your Spotify app up to date to guarantee you’re rocking all the latest features and fixes. 


Thanks again!



I have the same issue!


Have been in contact in spotify and they refered me to this post. which isn't very helpful! 


A fresh reinstall hasn't helped mine, still looking for a solution. 


Hey, @Mlewis425 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

Is your account Premium or Free? If your account is on a Premium plan, take a look at your queue and remove all the songs there and then, try to play your playlist again (without the Shuffle mode) and check if everything runs right.


Keep me posted!


If you have any other further questions or need more help, let me know! I'd love to help!

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Hi there, 


Absolutely nothing in my queue. 

Shuffle is OFF - it still won't play things by title order. 


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I've been messing with it and I have come to a conclusion. I think that the way the sorting is coded is just different for when it is playing and when it is displaying the songs. The way it is displayed while being sorted by "alphabetical" is slightly different than the way it is sorted when playing. Not a terribly big deal but I would definitely look into it if I was Spotify


I'm having the same issue. I thought the queue might be the problem because I have run into that in the past. This time, the queue looks like it was generated with shuffle on--but it's off. When I turn shuffle on, it gives a different order, also random. Then I turn it back off and it goes back to the original random order. I tried selecting everything in the queue and removing it, but it just repopulates with another set of totally random songs (I think they are all "liked" songs, but I haven't investigated in detail). I also have not tested against other playlists. I did just install an update and it didn't help. This is a new issue that has popped up in the last couple days. Perhaps someone at Spotify should review the changelog and undo whatever was done over the weekend. 


Hey again, @chrsfrncs @infinite_ginger @Mlewis425 

In Wich device is it happening? Mobile, desktop, TV? And also, let me know what is your Spotify version, OS version and any other information that can better detail what is happening. If possible, take a screenshot to help us to check what is going on, but be sure that you cannot share any sensitive information on these screenshots. 

I need these pieces of information to help me and other Stars to search for a solution for your issue. 


I'll be waiting for replies...


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Hey there @Jollof,


Thanks for your patience so far!


Just to confirm, does this also happen when using the Windows Store version of the app?


Keep us posted 🙂



Hi there, 


this is on my desktop pc only. 

Windows 10 1903 


Spotify: As far as I know it's the latest version. App isn't asking me to update.  


Hope this helps, 



Hey again, @Mlewis425 

Does this issue happening with another devices, like your mobile or the Web Player?

Is is happening when you log in your desktop using another account? If possible, check it please.

Does the issue persists when you try to use another network?


In the meantime, I recommend that you try a clean reinstallation of the app. Head here > click Remove all devices uninstall the app from your Windows device > download and install Spotify from the Windows Apps store.


Try it and keep me in the loop with the requested information.


Kind Regards,



Hi @hezorg, 


I can confirm that the fault was not active in the online player. 

However the webplayer would not let me order songs by "Title" 


I did the requested actions in the linked forum post and checked if there was a spotify folder in "%appdata%" - there wasn't. 


I can also  confirm that I only have this issue on my gaming pc. Windows 10 1903. 


Computer now restarted and playing on spotify. Issue persists 




Looking forward to hearing from you, 


All the best