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[Desktop] Local Files appearing in Liked Songs

For some reason, a few of my local files have popped up in my liked songs and I can't get rid of them. 

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Our tech teams have made some changes backstage that should help with this issue.


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Hey @Elykris, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


Could you try clicking the heart icon next to it?

Hope it helps 🙂


Hi I am having the same problem. Clicking the heart does not remove the songs either. 








Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I had some local files first added to Spotify and later to my 'Liked Songs' (when the 'Saved Songs' were replaced by the 'Liked Songs') a while ago and when I deleted the songs from my PC they stayed in my 'Liked Songs' for some reason. They are now greyed out and can't be played or deleted/removed from the list. I already tried the following to fix this:

-Readding the local files to Spotify, which made them playable in my 'Liked Songs' but still not deletable/removable

-Clearing Spotify's cache completely, uninstalling  and deleting every remaining bit of Spotify from all my devices(PC, smart phone). Then after reinstalling it, they were still there, even then when not one of the files had remained on any of my devices


The attached file shows the current situation. I added these songs when they weren't on Spotify (ca. early 2018), but deleted them from my PC when they were added later (ca. September 2019).

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Hey, @TheWizardofKoi 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

What happens if you click on the heart on the side of each unplayable song? And also, you can try to make them disappear just going to your Spotify settings and deactivating the option "Show unplayable songs".


Try these two tips and let me know if the issue persists or doesn't.


If you have any other further questions or need more help, let me know! I'd love to help!

Best Regards,


Nothing happens when I click on the hearts and the "Show unplayble songs" option is only for playlists and turned off and sadly also nothing happened there. I also tried turning off the "show local files" option but that also doesn't hide the greyed out songs. 

Thanks nonetheless!


I've got this identical issue. One song that is showing up at the bottom of liked songs, only on desktop, not iOS. It's a song I haven't ever had on this computer, it was a previous computer from 2004. It's still stuck there, completely unremovable.


Hey again, @TheWizardofKoi and @TheZoneHereros 

Could you try to perform a clean reinstallation of the app? It's different than the fast and common reinstallation. Just follow the steps:

  1. First, check all your devices here.
  2. Remove all the devices (It will implicate on the remotion of all your downloads)
  3. And then, you need to uninstall the app on all your devices (desktop, mobile, TV)
  4. Finally, you reinstall it again.

More info about the Clean Reinstallation here.

After that, check if the issue persists and let me know!


Kind Regards,


Tried a Clean Reinstallation on all of my devices. Nothing changed.





iPhone 8 Plus and Macbook Pro 2012

Operating System

iOS 13.3 and macOS 10.15.2


My Question or Issue


I've liked some songs that I've synced to my iPhone. It's great that it possible to do that but after adding them to Liked Songs playlist there's no way to remove them from there. The option to remove them from Liked Songs aka unlike them is just not there. Tapping the heart icon on my desktop client also doesn't remove them.


Please fix.


Hey @AeroZ,


Are you able to remove that liked song if you use the … menu next to the song?

Also, I'd suggest using an official release of macOS Catalina as 10.15.2 is still on Beta.


Keep me posted 🙂