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[Desktop] Local Files appearing in Liked Songs

For some reason, a few of my local files have popped up in my liked songs and I can't get rid of them. 

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Hey there folks,


Thanks for bearing with us!


Our tech teams have made some changes backstage that should help with this issue.


If you experience a similar issue, make sure to let us know in the relevant Help board, and to include all useful details so we can take a closer look.




I wrote to Spotify on Twitter and by chat and they told me "hopefully we'll fix this soon", but still nothing happened. If they are buggy, why Spotify decided to add them? They should work harder, because Spotify is really popular but they don't give a damn about anything here.


The thing is that local files used to work excellent on older versions, but as they were redesigning the app since last year the feature has gotten worse to the point of being broken


I have been now able to delete my old liked songs on the Desktop Spotify version.

However, it's not synchronized with the Android app, where the problem remains, and now I have a difference in the number of liked songs between Desktop and App. I cleared cache, disconnect, etc.


Why has the time passed so long, the problem on the mobile phone has not been solved


After the very last update on Android, it seems correct now. Thank you!


Everyone, the latest version on Android finally solves this problem today.


Took them some time but it is fixed now. Lesson learned


Updated on Android, still not fixed. Feel like I am the only person still having this issue


On my iPhone X (iOS 13.5, Spotify version 8.5.59) and Windows 10 laptop (Spotify version , I'm still having this issue with unliking local files (the greyed out ones). I've tried every known solution:

1. Clicking the heart icon next to the song

2. Right-clicking the song to unlike it

3. Unliking songs from my phone

4. Selecting local files and using the Del key

5. Deleting the local-files.bnk file

6. Clean installation of Spotify on my laptop and phone

But none of the solutions above work for me. Even if the local file doesn't exist in my computer files anymore, it's still lurking in my Liked Songs. I just can't get rid of it.

I'm sorry that I'm frustrated, but it's irritating that this problem has existed since July 2019. It's been 10 months already: almost a year! I feel like it should be solved by now.


If you have not solved this problem, you can try my metaphysical method. Disconnect the device from the network, and then delete the songs you want to delete. Connect to the Internet again, and the songs you deleted should be back. Then disconnect the network again and repeat the above operation a few times, and then wait for a day or two that those songs may be successfully deleted, anyway, I did this successfully. May also be a matter of luck