[Desktop][Nano] 6/7th gen iPod isn't recognized

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Status: Won't fix


Spotify doesn't rezognize the latest iPods (6th and 7th gen) that use the new Lightning connector



Sync local files to your iPod via iTunes (since you can't sync Spotify content to generic iPods even with premium - full details of this restriction are outlined here).

If you have an iPod Touch, you need to sync via WiFi.


Additional information:

2013-01-14: Updated bug to reflect it also affects 6th gen (which also have Lightning connectors). (Thanks Peter)

2013-03-13: It looks like we may have a fix for this. Now it's just waiting to get it into a future desktop update.

2013-12-26: Updating work around information for clarity.

2014-01-15: We won't be fixing this. But, because you can only sync local tracks, the mentioned workaround to use iTunes works fine.




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I would suggest you have a read at the iPod integration FAQ.

Spotify will only allow you to sync local tracks, which you already own to an iPod nano and not any content from the Spotify online catalogue (even if you have it synced for offline usage on your desktop). Therefore, having a premium subscription makes no difference to the iPod sync. 



Casual Listener

To this I say Ahh and Aww simultaneously. I also thank you for the clarification. To ensure that I have this right, synching will only occur via the Spotify application - an application which is not available for the iPod Nano. I believe I was under the incorrect impression that a premium membership would allow me to 'borrow' music from the Spotify library, as opposed to simply listening to this music from within the library itself. I see now that no such borrowing exists, only listening via the application. This was my mistake.

I still hold that there should be a bit more clarification on the website. While it is mentioned that Spotify will work with the newer generations of iPod Nanos, it is not explicitly stated that Nano owners will miss out on a very significant portion of the benefits that come with a premium membership. 

Granted, reading over the iPod integration FAQ does, now, provide some insight into this issue, it did not do so before I learned that an iPod Nano had limitations that a regular iPod or iPod Touch did not. Hence, it is still disappointing.