Desktop Overlay Problem for Windows App

I am using spotify windows app and it got update today. Version is


I turned off "show desktop overlay when using media keys". However, it shows the overlay when I turn off and then on the app. When I check the settings it shows that this option is still turned off. Please fix it.

Hey there folks,


Thanks again for all your reports and your patience so far.


This should be now fixed with the latest desktop version. To make sure you're rocking the latest one, follow the steps here.



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Can confirm. Displays overlay even when the setting is turned off.


Same thing happens with  "Show accouncement about new releases", displays ads anyway despite being premium.  Sometimes the settings reset itself without updating the UI.

I'm posting a video confirmation.


I have the same issue, again.


This was a bug that got fixed already in another update and now it's back...


Same issue. Again. It's irritating and disturbs my concentration.


Fix it and stop breaking it.


If I could easily transfer my playlists to other services I'd have dropped Spotify by now and tried my luck elsewhere. If the Android app isn't bugging and crashing, my Windows app isn't working right. It's getting old.


Confirming this issue. Very, very annoying! I never want to see this overlay again.

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Yeah before the update everything was working fine. I hope this get fixed fast!


Problem/Bug is back from previous versions.. extremely annoying
Whenever you start Spotify the display options "Show Desktop overlay when using media keys" is active even though the setting for me is NOT enabled.
I have to manually enable the setting just to immediatelly disable it again EACH time i Start Spotify.....
Testing team must have been asleep ? 😉

Music Fan

 Yep, same thing here. Very frustrating.

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Yeah, this **bleep** bug returned


Same here. How many time has this one come back now? Do you do regression testing?


Confirming I see this bug too on Windows 10 with Spotify

Toggling the setting on and off again fixes it for the current session.  Closing and re-opening Spotify causes the overlay to show up again.



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