[Desktop] Playback issues on Windows 7

Hey folks,


We've been seeing reports of users who are experiencing issues with the Spotify desktop app on Windows 7.


First off, could you try reinstalling the app, making sure to remove any Spotify app data in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Spotify?

If that doesn't work, we'd like you to provide us with the following info:

  • your country
  • the exact Spotify version you're running
  • a description of the behaviour of the app, including any errors
  • any other info or workarounds you think are relevant to the issue

Once we have that, we'll take a closer look.


Thanks - keep us posted!

Hey again folks,


Thanks for bearing with us! Rest assured that our tech teams are still looking into this.


If you're having troubles with the desktop app on your Windows 7 device, could you also try checking your hosts files (there are steps on how to do this included in this Spotify Answer) and see if that helps?


If the issue persists after that, please make sure to leave a comment with the following details, along with your +VOTE:

  • Your device and its operating system version
  • The exact Spotify version
  • An example of when the error is occurring - you can add a timestamp/the date and time
  • Do you have a bank security software installed?

We'll keep you posted on any updates we have to pass on 🙂

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Original message I posted when it started giving me trouble:


So, a couple days ago my Spotify stopped playing tracks. I'll press play and the whole software will basically freeze. When I open the Task Manager, I see four or five instances of Spotify.exe running.


I'll close the Desktop app and try opening again, but it gives me a warning: "The Spotify application is not responding". I have to close each of the five Spotify.exe on my Task Manager before I can open it again.

In the past three days I've tried restarting the computer multiple times and uninstalling/reinstalling the Spotify Desktop app multiple times. I've looked through these message boards for possible solutions, but none of them worked (including the notepad/hosts thing, unplugging my sound card, changing sound device settings, etc).


In one of the threads, I saw a board member mention that he was having the same problem and only got it working again when he upgraded to Windows 8. But I shouldn't have to upgrade just because of a bug on the Spotify software, right?


If any of the actual Spotify people read these boards, could you clarify whether you guys are working to fix this? And if this is a users-only board, how do I reach the company to demand a solution?


I have a Spotify subscription and I'd like to know if I'm wasting my money on a non-working product.


Thanks in advance.

  • country: Brazil
  • Spotify version:
  • a description of the behaviour of the app, including any errors: Same as everyone else. If I start a song spotify simply stops working. No error message appears, but nothing else works, no song, pages don't load. I also have to force close a couple of the tasks in taskmanager.
  • any other info or workarounds you think are relevant to the issue: Like the other users, I'm on Windows 7, and in Brazil, maybe there is some conection with the issue. I've tried all the suggested fixes, including the ones mencioned by users in this thread, and none have solved anything. I hope it gets fixed soon...

Sinceramente, nunca vi tamanha incompetência para solucionar um problema de software igual a esse povo do spotify, vergonha.

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Pois é LuisMoura...

Já passou uma semana e nada de resolver o problema. E sinceramente, não é um problema tão complexo visto que certamente a equipe de tecnologia do Spotify é enorme. Não dava pra resolver até agora? Sei não, acho que esqueceram da gente.

Decepcionado com o suporte...


Pessoal, coloquem para modo de compatibilidade com windows xp e executar como administrador, pra mim depois de fazer isso voltou a funcionar...


1 semana? O problema ta ai tem mais de 1 mes isso sim. E Douglas isso ai não ta adiantando, se adiantou para vc é sinal que seu problema não é o mesmo que o nosso. 



@LuisMoura   Meu problema era exatamente igual o relatado por todos os usuários. Que pena que não funcionou então..



1. vão na pasta C:\Users\NOMEUSUÀRIO\AppData\Roaming\Spotify 

2. Deletem esses dois arquivos: "usuários" e "prefs"

3. Ctrl+Alt+del >> finalizem todos os processos do spotify 32*

4. C:\Users\NOMEUSUÀRIO\AppData\Roaming > copiem a pasta "Spotify" para qualquer outro lugar 

5. abra a pasta copiada e clique no ícone exe do spotify 

6. repita o processo toda vez que reiniciar o computador  (não precisa do passo 2, apenas se baixar a pasta novamente da internet)



I suspect it's happening due the end of Windows 7 support 

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@blyterThis problem has been going on for months now...