[Desktop] Playback issues on Windows 7

Hey folks,


We've been seeing reports of users who are experiencing issues with the Spotify desktop app on Windows 7.


First off, could you try reinstalling the app, making sure to remove any Spotify app data in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Spotify?

If that doesn't work, we'd like you to provide us with the following info:

  • your country
  • the exact Spotify version you're running
  • a description of the behaviour of the app, including any errors
  • any other info or workarounds you think are relevant to the issue

Once we have that, we'll take a closer look.


Thanks - keep us posted!

Hi everyone,


We really appreciate your reporting this and providing us all the relevant info. 


We've passed all your details on to our developers, but this seems to be affecting specific devices or setups and we're unable to find a solution remotely. We're continuously improving the app and optimizing it, so we recommend keeping an eye out for future updates to the app, but can't guarantee this will fix the issue.


For now, we suggest you try checking your hosts files and if that doesn't help you could consider using our web player.


Sorry we don't have any better news for you at this point. Thank you for understanding.


The date for the end was already announced mounths ago, too 


And? Doesn't mean the problem is justified, they never said anything about cutting support for Win7.


@SephVEVO You kidding me?


If by saying that the Spotify as a company said anything about cutting support for Win7, no I'm not.


Do you think I work on spotify?


Ok then, I'm quite confused at where you're trying to go with this.


@blyter  falou nada com nada, a MICROSOFT não da suporte para windows 7 mais, e isso começou esse mes, o problema já vem desde o ano passado, então nao tem ligação alguma. 


Issue fixed when running Spotify elevated as Administrator.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey again folks,


Thanks for bearing with us! Rest assured that our tech teams are still looking into this.


If you're having troubles with the desktop app on your Windows 7 device, could you also try checking your hosts files (there are steps on how to do this included in this Spotify Answer) and see if that helps?


If the issue persists after that, please make sure to leave a comment with the following details, along with your +VOTE:

  • Your device and its operating system version
  • The exact Spotify version
  • An example of when the error is occurring - you can add a timestamp/the date and time
  • Do you have a bank security software installed?

We'll keep you posted on any updates we have to pass on 🙂


Running as administrator did not fix the issue.


To solve the issue, you need to remove DIEBOLD security software, a conflict may be happening.