[Desktop] Playback issues on Windows 7

Hey folks,


We've been seeing reports of users who are experiencing issues with the Spotify desktop app on Windows 7.


First off, could you try reinstalling the app, making sure to remove any Spotify app data in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Spotify?

If that doesn't work, we'd like you to provide us with the following info:

  • your country
  • the exact Spotify version you're running
  • a description of the behaviour of the app, including any errors
  • any other info or workarounds you think are relevant to the issue

Once we have that, we'll take a closer look.


Thanks - keep us posted!

Hey again folks,


Thanks for bearing with us! Rest assured that our tech teams are still looking into this.


If you're having troubles with the desktop app on your Windows 7 device, could you also try checking your hosts files (there are steps on how to do this included in this Spotify Answer) and see if that helps?


If the issue persists after that, please make sure to leave a comment with the following details, along with your +VOTE:

  • Your device and its operating system version
  • The exact Spotify version
  • An example of when the error is occurring - you can add a timestamp/the date and time

We'll keep you posted on any updates we have to pass on 🙂

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@luizbossoi You do know that's a security system for bank access and whatnot right?

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@Katerina I've tried doing the hosts file thing several times, but there are no Spotify entries there. Here's what mine looks like:




Mine looks like @YellowCalx333 's file.


Eu também estava com esse problema, já estava tentando todas as formas de solução e nada funcionava. A forma que eu resolvi esse problema foi desinstalar uma versão que estava sendo usada (última versão do spotify) e instalar como versões anteriores.

Edit: Pessoal essa forma não é tão mais eficaz, você já instalou a versão anterior e agora voltou a ocorrer o problema. Muito chato;-;


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Hi Katerina - Moderator,

I'm sorry, I don't want to be rude.. but did you even read the previous messages on this forum?
I already told that this procedure didn't work with me (and some other people) because there's no Spotify stuff " weblb-wg.gslb.spotify.com" in any line code of the "host" file. I didn't find it.

It seems you guys from Spotify team are just sending automatic messages. It doesn't look like you guys are really interested in helping us with this problem...


@nh2y3dy-_0toq exatamente, parecem estar enrolando para no final nao terem que resolver nada com desculpa da microsoft não da mais suporte para o Windows 7.


can you edit a song to put on a playlist? I like a song but not for it's entire 5 minutes- I would like it to start 2 minutes into it. You can do this with YouTube videos, so I wondered if Spotify Premium had that opion.

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@transistersisYes, you can do so by using the "Local Files" tab.

But please, refrain from posting these kinds of questions on post pertaining problems with the app.

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@7danilo7 Qual versão você instalou?

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@Peter When are we going to get an update? It's been over a month since this problem started. Shouldn't be that hard to fix!