[Desktop] Playlist title not updating on rename

Status: Fixed


Status: Fixed


Renaming a playlist does not change the name in the playlist view until Spotify is restarted

Additional information

Steps to reproduce:

  • Click New Playlist in the left hand side menu panel
  • Call your playlist "Playlist 1"
  • Click on "Playlist 1" so that it is visible in the main window.
  • Note that the large white lettering at the top of the screen correctly reads "Playlist 1"
  • Right click on "Playlist 1" in the left hand panel and select "Rename"
  • Rename the playlist to "Playlist 2"
  • Note that the large white lettering at the top of the application still says "Playlist 1"
  • Click on a different playlist and then click back - note that "Playlist 1" is still displayed.
  • Quitting and then restarting the application causes the correct name to be displayed.



2014-05-19: No recent reports, bug appears to be fixed. 


This bug appears to be fixed for me. Can anyone else confirm this is fixed in version 0.9.7?


Tried reproducing it and for me it seems to be fixed.

Status changed to: Fixed