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[Desktop] Recently Played disappeared after last update on Windows 10





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Windows 10


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Dear Spotify Team,
After automatic update of Desktop version of Spotify, the "Recently Played" subsection has disappeared from Home section.
Before update the Home section used to start with "Recently Played", "Made for..." and then the other suggestions.
Now the Home sections starts with show suggestions, but "Recently Played" subsection is nowhere to be found. I did check the whole menu.
If your advise is the Queue/History section - it's not the same as it simply shows the list of all played songs in the row.  "Recently Played" subsection used to show all recently played playlists even those not saved in Library.
Please advise.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




It is bugged on the account level. I have to create a new account just to bring back the Recently Played section in home and abandon the old account which is stupid.


The (supposedly) new Recently Played section also cannot be expanded. It stuck to the last 3 to 5 (it depends on the current window size) recent items. At least give us choice to pin them as playlist so we can access it directly from the sidebar.


I wish there is a great alternative besides Spotify. I am too tired watching the desktop UI turns into a complete mess with the recent updates.


I can't believe how long this issue has been open without an answer or a fix.  In the industry I work in, people are immediately fired for a screw up like this in a user-facing, production interface and others stay up 24/7 until the problem is fixed..  I'll be spending the weekend looking for a replacement for this dumpster fire.


Spotify doesn't keep track of what you've listened to? 

On Windows 10.. come on man! That's a cancellable offense 


The worst part of this is now I can't EDIT my history. So now whenever my 7yo daughter jumps on one of my devcices and tries to play the same Ava Max song for the 100th time it now pollutes my suggestions and home screen for the rest of time. **bleep** this. Spotify, your ever-increasingly user-hostile design decisions are infuriating. Constantly trying to force us to what you and your algorithms (and your backend payola) want us to listen to, instead of actually letting users have control of what we want to listen to.


Installed yet another Spotify update just now ( Problem still exists. Can't find Recently Played anywhere, including on the Home page. Windows 8.1 64-bit.


The only change I can see in the new version is that they've added a special section just for Joe Rogan. This is probably to fight back against users like me who loathe Joe Rogan and don't want to see his BS anywhere; previously, I got rid of that trash from podcast suggestion lists by liking a lot of podcasts that Rogan fans would hate (basically, anything involving science or social justice issues). But this new scheme has no workarounds that I can find.


Congratulations, Spotify. I'm now even closer to dumping your service altogether.



@Mihail @Alex @CarlosE @Ivan @Jeremy @Eni @Novy 

Hello again.

It's now been two months since any of you answered any posts on this thread. 

I've never experienced such outrageously bad service from an online company in my 24 years of being online. Even if a company delivers bad service, they at least usually make some effort to communicate. To be ignored is the ultimate insult, and it just goes to show the total disregard that Spotify really has for their customers happiness.

I've just installed the latest update, and guess what? Still no fix for "Recently Played" on the Home page of the Windows 10 app. 
It seems as though you are quite easily able to add anything and everything else to the Home page, except that which we all really want.

Well done.


Hi, are there any updates on this issue?

I still have no 'Recently Played' section anywhere on the Windows 10 desktop app (yes I looked in 'Home', it's not there either).

This issue makes Spotify very difficult to use, that was one of my most used features.


Please give us an update.


Got all my artists loaded right into YT Music now (which I'm already paying for).


Spotify, you got 3 weeks to get your **bleep** together or I'm hitting that big cancel button.  Your neglect for the community and misguided product "enhancements" is very offensive.



I have the same issue as mentioned by others in this thread:


My Spotify Desktop app does not show a row for "recently played".



The same thing happens on the web player at



Opening this link ( in the web browser shows a blank page.



I assume the rows in the desktop and web app are not showing because for some odd reason the recently played list doesn't contain any items.


The weird thing is that on the android app ( the section is showing:



I can only assume that this problem is an account problem, because not every user seems to have this issue.


Please, Spotify, fix this issue. It is a vital part of how I identify the music that I listen to. Currently, when I start the desktop app, I feel kind of lost because I only see what the algorithms are suggesting me.

I do need to see what I listened to recently in order to start navigating from there.




Btw. that other new recently played section is working on desktop:


But it only shows what I have recently played on that specific device. The old "recently played" section was connected to my account, so I could see this list across various devices.


@Mihail @Alex @CarlosE @Ivan @Jeremy @Novy 

Hi. Any update on this issue?
It's been open since March! 
Do you think our voices are not enough?
Should we start broadcasting this issue on all social media platforms so Spotify finally pays any attention to us?
(I suspect most of the users simply don't know where to report this issue and how to get to this topic forum.)