[Desktop] Repeat One Mode not (and can't be) disabled on Radio Start

Thread: Rock Star Report (possible mention on the community, but can't find the topic!), verified by @Jack_H .
Status: Fixed


If listening to a track with repeat track (one) mode enabled, upon starting radio repeat track mode is not disabled automatically. Also, due to the design of the radio screen, once started it is not possible to adjust the shuffle or repeat options.


Applies to v0.9.7+


To reproduce:

  • Navigate to a playlist or artist page.
  • Start playback of a track.
  • Enable repeat track mode by clicking on the repeat option twice (or until the "1" appears).
  • Right click on the track and press start radio (or start any radio). First radio track will loop indefinitely and it is not possible to disable repeat track mode without starting playback from another page first.


  1. Disable repeat track mode manually before starting radio.
  2. If radio is stuck on repeat, navigate to an artist page or playlist, start playback, disable repeat track mode then restart radio.

Additional information:




2014-07-03: Fixed in desktop v0.9.11.25


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Status: Fixed
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Yep just had this happen to me too. Couldn't skip forward, as it kept skipping back to the beginning of the same radio track. Couldn't un-set the repeat 1 setting from within the radio channel and it didn't indicate that it was set to repeat 1 either.

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Rock Star 10

Yeah, got another report of this here.


I think this happens with playlists, too. If repeat one mode is enabled, I can't skip to next track. Skip to previous track works. (Using OSX client)

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Community Manager

Hey folks, this should be sorted for you guys. Please be sure you're on our latest update and let us know if you're still having any trouble. 

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Can confirm this is fixed for me! :)
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Status changed to: Fixed