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[Desktop] Scroll position bug

Status: Fixed

Hi, this problem seem to be new (


If you scroll down in a playlist, start a song, click on the artist then return to the playlist you will end up in the correct position. However, if you start scrolling again you will end up on top of the playlist.



Step by step:

1. Open a large playlist

2. Scroll down a bit and start a song

3. Click on the artist

4. Return to playlist

5. Scroll - and end up on top of the list.






v1.0.39.157.g674ae377 contain the bug fix.

Hey folks!


Thanks for all your comments and feedback relating to this thread. We've been given the all-clear backstage and haven't seen any more recent reports.


Please let us know if you're still having issues 🙂



Status changed to: Fixed

Hey @Sundbe! Thanks for the heads up.


We were able to replicate this issue on our end and we've passed the info on to the relevant folks.


Any updates will be posted to this thread. Have a good one 🙂



This is driving me insane.  Every interaction with an album, back to the top. 


Thanks for letting us know!


Rest assured, we've passed your info on to the right folks. Fingers crossed we'll have more info soon 🙂




I'm having this same issue.  Glad to see I'm not alone in this!


Waiting for the solution:)


Having the same issue. Driving me crazy as well! This is a problem for me because I like to organize a lot in my playlists and ending up at the top of the playlist everytime is really frustrating. Hope for a solution soon. 🙂


Please fix this. Between this and not getting notifications of new music, actually finding new music is essentially impossible.  One of the reasons I liked Spotify was that I could actually follow artists I like and find their new music.  This is now basically impossible.


Just a FYI this is a problem in non user lists too, like New Release or Discover.


I found a temporary fix for this... After you go back to the previous page, un-maximize Spotify and then maximize it again, then use the scroll bar to move down the page (NOT the scroll wheel on your mouse) and it won't jump back to the top of the page. It's still very annoying, but it should help a little until Spotify's developers fix the problem. 


Having the same issue. This is incredibly irritating. Looking forward to a solution! Thanks for getting on this!!