[Desktop] Scroll position not saved when navigating through pages

Status: Fixed

Hey folks,  


We're receiving reports from users that navigating back and forth through the desktop app no longer returns them to the point on the page they were previously on. If they're halfway down a page and try navigating forward a page, returning to the previous page will put them to the top of the page instead of the point they were at. 


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Hey everyone,


Thanks for your updates and for your patience while we looked into this issue!


We can confirm that our teams have rolled out a fix to improve the experience reported. Make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


Note that any click on a link or side menu item is consider a 'forward' navigation in the client and the scroll position will not be restored in that case. We only restore scroll position when navigating 'backward' using the navigation buttons at the top or a keyboard shortcut.


Not only is this a major annoyance, it "synergizes" with how slow it is to scroll through long lists to make an even more frustrating experience.


I frequently just want to scroll through all my hearted albums to see what grabs my ear to listen to. Now it's hard to scroll through (and impossible to start in a random place because of the super slow dynamic loading).


What you need to do when building the scroll list is to at least query the length of all items in your list from the db before you create the scroll. that way, the scroll is already ready for you to be in a position before you scroll to it, even if you only load the data dynamically, the scroll won't lag from it.


Between these two issues, the whole thing is a mess to navigate. But we can add it to the queue of issues that spotify will ignore even though they increased prices for family plans in order to "support new features that improve user experience".



MacBook Pro - 10.14.6


Please fix this asap... this new update has been complete trash. whoever approved the release of this should be fired. I've always loved Spotify, but if all the issues in this new version don't get addressed I'll be switching to Apple Music.



Windows 10 Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042


As others have said, this makes the app borderline unusable. I have hundreds of albums saved in my library and if I've scrolled down dozens of times to choose one, as soon as I go back I'm back to the top of the list. And, as mentioned, because the library doesn't seem to be cached or saved anywhere (as opposed to dynamically loaded as one scrolls) the scrolling process is incredibly slow.


This is NOT an issue on mobile (Android version at least). The library seems to be both cached and going back returns to the last position, so hopefully this is just a bug (since my understanding is that the goal of the latest update is to bring the desktop and mobile versions of the app into alignment).




Same issue on mobile. Using a Samsung S10 Android, clearing caches hasn't worked. My podcasts freeze and won't let me skip ahead, the "now playing" is not accurate e.g., will be stuck on "episode three" of a podcast when I'm actually on episode six, making it difficult to try to tell what I'm listening to or where I'm at, or if I missed an episode (remember, it won't let me skip to, say, the middle of an episode to see if it's familiar, or go back to the beginning if it's not). Some podcasts have A LOT of episodes and have been running for years. So, of course, the "sort" feature no longer works and it is slow to sort by date played (taking you back to the start of the pod) instead of most recently added. So, if you switch between podcasts, for example, you want to take a break from your true crime podcast, and go listen to a comedy podcast you can't! Because even when you hit "play" on an episode for an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT podcast it won't update the information for "currently/now listening" at the bottom of the app or in fullscreen. And you can't skip around if you're confused as to what you're listening to! Because it freezes. Add to that, if the "sort by" feature DOES WORK you may have to scroll through hundreds of episodes to find your place! But don't worry, you can't do that either! The text start running together, and the artwork gets confused, and then it kick you back up to the first episode, and THEN it may reset AGAIN to the most recently added episode! And trying to hit "now playing" and trying to skip through the episodes to find your place doesn't help because the display isn't correct and it keeps freezing when you try to play anything. The app is basically unusable at this point. It's one thing if it wants to mess around and keep "recently added" on top, but without taking me to the automatic bookmark of what I'm listening to and making it impossible to scroll to find my place, freezing when I try to hit play (or even pause), not updating the currently/now listening to show the correct information, and freezing when I try to skip ahead to find my spot in the episode...I mean, it's like they deliberately tried to make the app unusable and/or just rolled it out completely untested. And the "support" and "help" to fix these issues is a complete joke. Yes, sometimes people can help each other with troubleshooting and find work-arounds, but when things are messed up to THIS EXTENT how are users supposed to help each other? When radio stations suffer technical difficulties they don't ask their listeners to troubleshoot the problem from their cars miles away. You find the person who is paid to fix the problems, they figure out what the problems are, and they fix it! At the very least, have a chat feature even if the hours are limited and they only work on weekdays. You have millions of people using your service and you can't offer a troubleshooting chat feature? It's embarrassing. Get it together, spotify.



Windows 10 OS build 19041.985


Please resolve this issue immediately.


For the love of God, please fix this. It is the dumbest and most frustrating glitch that makes literally any other paid music service look appealing, as long as it doesn't do this. And I'm pretty sure ALL the rest of them don't do this, because it is so just jaw-droppingly frustrating and impossible to navigate. Literally every single time there is a Spotify update, this is the first thing I check. I don't want to build up a whole library somewhere else, but there is no point in having this one if I can't even look through it. Jesus. Please fix it. Pretty please with cherry on top, make your site once again capable of this rudimentary function. 




PC Windows 10 Pro - Build 19042.985



In this version it appears that the postition is remembered on the playlists and on the discography page but not remembered on the main home page or the artist front page.

Also on the home front page it does not go to the top of the page every time but to a position where it cuts out the announcement banner and the text recommended for today is situated.


Please fix this. As everyone else has already mentioned, this is extremely frustrating and makes using Spotify an unpleasant experience. 


Spotify, it has been 3 weeks since @Ivan submitted this, and the wording acknowledges that the problem had already been reported at that time. That makes it very likely that users like me have gone a full monthly billing cycle with this bug in evidence.

Please can we have an update, if only to confirm that the appropriate development team is giving it the necessary priority and is making progress.


The above user makes a good point. Seriously, Spotify, FIX THIS! This experience is so bad. I can't believe something this simple hasn't been fixed yet. 


Edit: Paging @Ivan. Give us an update.