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[Desktop] Sharing by Activity Feed Broken

Status: Closed


Status: Closed


Dragging and dropping a track or album onto a name in the Activity feed will not share the track. Dragging and dropping a track will cause the track to play.


To reproduce:

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Navigate to a playlist, artist or album page.
  3. Drag and drop a track (or album) onto a name in your Activity feed, it won't be shared and if its a track it will play.



Share from right click menu.


Additional information:

On the drag and drop action the "+" symbol does appear to show this is an allowed action.


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I'm checking with relevant people if this is intended or a bug.

Thanks! 🙂

This feature was removed because very few people were using it.


I am requesting that you bring it back.I used it everyday sharing songs to all my FB friends.I see thier activity feed.,but the share symbol is gone and yo can't see your selections in the activity feed anymore.WHY??????

ADDENDUM:I Figured out how to put my shared songs in the activity feed.Right clicking and Share<<<<Post to Followers<<<<Share.Thank you!


You guys don't need to be like Walmart.If you think rhere model is the way to go then you need to stop and think.Let me try to explain the analogy.I HATE Walmart ever since Mr. Sam died and his money grubbing kids took over.They used to care about what the customer wanted and even if it was just for a few people, they always had it in stock for you.Now when you walk in to Wallyworld they never try to ask if you need help,you have to walk a mile to find help then they look at you stupid and are very rude.But the main reason i Hate WalMart is because everytime i find something i like there,the next week it will be gone and when you talk to the manager about it, they say it was DISCONTINUED because it wasn't meeting their little sales quota.This has happened to me so many times that when i see something i like. i will buy as many as i can b/c you never know when it will be discontinued.This attitude in business nowadays sucks and i understand that it's a bad economy thanks to our current POTUS but please stop taking away things that people like to use just because as you say "This feature was removed because very few people were using it." That's a piss poor excuse. Are you saying you can still share songs if you right click on a song and share from the drop down box,and will your selectiioon show up in the activity log?

Addendum:IGNORE THIS POST,I figured out how to do it.Thank you.

Just to be clear, this bug is about dragging and dropping onto the activity feed being broken and is not related to the activity feed being removed which it has been for some customers. Discussion about that change is over on this topic:

Well it worked but i still dom't like it.I understand that the old way was probably pretty cumbersome,but i will learn to adjust to this new method.Thank you for your time. Just ignore those other posts and my Walmart tirade.You guys are still 1000 time better than Pandora!Keep up the good work!


Instead of having the little share symbol next to each song, i use your workaround method right clicking and making the proper selections.Thank you this method works for me KUDOS!!!!

Status changed to: Closed
Status changed to: Closed