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PC Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3408 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

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Windows Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134


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In the Spotify app (v1.1.15.448.g00fba0e3), when in the 'Liked Songs' playlist, when sorted oldest to newest; the graphical skip buttons and corresponding keyboard skip buttons respond opposite to the tracklist.   
If the skip forward button is pressed, the scrubber returns to the start of the song, when pressed again the preceding song begins playing.


This seems only to be the case in the 'Liked Songs' playlist.
Created playlists skip with the order they are sorted.   

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Thanks for all of the info. We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.

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That's an expected behaviour if you started playing your liked songs and then applied the sorting option. After you started playing the songs there were already queued.


However, if you would like, you can submit your idea if you want this behaviour to change in the Idea Submissions board.


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If that were the case, it would be the same in all playlists.   
This behaviour only happens in 'Liked Songs'. 
It also began in this recent software revision, the previous version did not have this behaviour (therefore it is not an existing feature).   
Regardless of sorting first and then playing, or playing first and then sorting; the forward skip button skips backwards in both cases. 

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Hey @M33kay,


For me it's neither the playlist nor the Liked Songs that do that as you say they have done previously.


Could you try a clean reinstall of the app? Just follow these steps.


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Working with the problem for a few days, I have an update to my situation.     

The issue is intermittent but remains.   
After long use and several app restarts, the issue will correct itself.   
However, after a restart of the system, the issue returns. 
I have reinstalled the app, and it has provided no noticeable difference.   
[Recap: The skip buttons behave oppositely to the intended function of the app when in the 'Liked Songs' playlist when sorted oldest to newest. See first post for detail].  
I will continue to provide updates, and try to find the source behaviour (if it exists) that triggers this bug.


The problem remains with the current software revision. 
I have identified the user behaviour which causes this bug to surface! ! 😊
When the 'Liked Songs' playlist is sorted Oldest to Newest, and the app closed and system restarted; after opening the app again, the playlist shows the same arrangement, but no sorting preference is 'applied'.   
Which means when a sorting preference is applied, it acts as the inverse to what is displayed. 
So, with a playlist already arranged oldest to newest, and the user again applies sorting from oldest to newest; although track list is visually sorted oldest to newest the behaviour of the skip buttons are opposite (the forward skip button skips backwards up the playlist instead of down).   
This bug can be fixed by closing the app and restarting. But after a system restart, the bug returns. 

The core of the problem seems to be that the user sort preference isn't retained for the 'Liked Songs' playlist; when the user applies a sort over an aldready sorted playlist, it intereferes with intended playback behaviour.  

Hope I was of some help. 

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Hey all,


We've been receiving reports about the Skip buttons not doing what they are supposed to. We're currently investigating this and will keep you up-to-date in this topic.


Be sure to hit +VOTE if you are experiencing this and don't forget to leave a comment with your Spotify version.

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Hey all,


Thanks for all of the info. We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.

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same problem using MacBook app


I am a Spotify premium user, in Canada.  When using the Mac Spotify app (version  on Mac OS 10.14.4), I can sort liked songs by "date added": either oldest first, or newest first.
If sorted newest first, payback works fine, plays each song in sequence.
But if list is sorted oldest first, and let's say playback is started at song #10, the next to play is #9, #8 etc ... instead of playing the "next" song, it plays the "previous" one.


I'd like to listen to all "liked songs", starting at the oldest, then next oldest etc.  Why does that not work?


same issue with Windows app (

the skip button plays songs in reverse when playlist is sorted by date-added.